What is everyone studying?

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Hi all I like to know what everyone is studying or at wich education level you are.
About myself I am 18 years old and I am in my first year university. I am studying Economics and Politics at the university of Amsterdam

Soo tell my about yourself....



  • i am 18 tooo
    2nd yr in college
    studying med

  • Hello
    I'm 22 finished my bachelor of Engineering majoring in a combined degree of (Mechanical and Electrical/Electronics) Engineering. I finished off my studies and currently working as an engineer.

  • 19 third year
    bio major and regreting it :-X
  • 19, 2nd year Medicin, likewise in A'dam.

    Marian, waz wrong with Bio ;D
  • haha umm im only 14 but im a sophomore and i wanna major in biomed and go to umbc or college park Md
  • hi my name is michael
    I'm 21 yrs old nd I'm in my third year of doing a double degree in psychology and business marketing. From Australia
  • Marian, waz wrong with Bio

    it's taking over my life ya hos erof...thannk God i only have on yr left...m3alesh ya all medicine students the next 10 yrs of ur life will be revolved around studying ;D :P
  • Ow my God If feel myself in a big hospital here heheh ;D Between all the doctors...

    Rabbena ywafa2kom kollokom :)

  • Hahahahaha even the egyptains overseas study enginering or medicine. :)
    I am doin B Psychology/ B of Arts in Ancient History and Masters in Coptic studies hopefully in 2007.
    I want to change from psychology to chiropractic science or physio. I will see what God wants me to do.
    anyone got advice?

  • im 20, 4th year/ last year, majoring in business administration.....also regretting it..(i just dont really enjoy it....but im getting straight A's without studying so its great i guess........at least A LOT easier than pre-pharmacy which i started out doing).....but then again i dont know what exactly would i like to study if another major)..not sure why i chose it......what im doing after i graduate will either get a master degree in international business or switch off to another major....once i figure out what i like :-\ .....if i ever do.....any advice?
  • wow i feel so little.. umm i go to St Marks Coptic Orthodox College in Sydney.. just started yr 11 :D [a term early, thats how the skool works..] and i think i might be moving but God willing i will make the right decision with that..

  • I also feel so little... ;) I'm starting the I year in I High School in Olsztyn, Poland (I'm just 16...). My plans for studies are: Theology, and maybe Philosophy, Oriental Studies (I just love Egypt!) or Law. I don't really know what am I going to do in future - but for sure I'll live in UK or USA and try to serve to the humankind. :)
  • lol yu feel little ? iim 15 ! 16 in February :) good luck serving humankind :) hehe.
  • i am 18 ( or gonna be come in the next couple weeks) first year in college and i am pre pharm.. hopefull enshallah become a pharmacist
  • Hi all,

    I want to wish u all good luck with your study and wishing u all also a great future...

  • awhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel so special!! =) youngest!! WOOT!! 13 (thank God) PRAISE THE LORDD!! ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im in eighth grade =/......taking highschool courses...and im gonna study biology/medicine (GOD willing) .....human body is way FUN and fascinating! ,.....wow....well...yea...good luck to everyone =)
  • u 2 coptic cross

    u still have high school to go to!

    enjoy it cuz high school is the best yrs!


    does that mean i wan to go back to HS???


  • Studied Engineering at the University of London, specialising in authentication and encryption technologies for GSM/UMTS.

    Very very boring.. (i guess u all know why im here on tasbeha.org often!)
  • [quote author=vassilios link=board=11;threadid=4545;start=15#msg62527 date=1162208041]
    Studied Engineering at the University of London, specialising in authentication and encryption technologies for GSM/UMTS.

    Very very boring.. (i guess u all know why im here on tasbeha.org often!)

    hahahahahahahaha...now we know vassilios.

    i`m at my 4th year , pharmacy.just still one year for graduation.
  • ahahahhahaha!! ahh good laughs! i dont wanna go to highschool (umm i dont wanna die though..so i guess hs) lol....highschools fun?!?! engineering...doesnt sound boring you get to use math!!! =)
  • When i developing encryption algorithms for internet banking, yes, that uses maths, but there is no more maths involved afterwards.. trust me!

    We were looking at K12 traces last night, and some engineer was reading (in front of me!) the hex code of the authentication between a UMTS and base-station. I thought to myself... what a strange thing to do... reading numbers: its already been decoded, but... some man wants to spend his 9 to 5 reading digits instead... yalla.. what can u do except pray for them.
  • hahhaha...hmmm no math engineering...strange sorta...what does reading number or w/e mean?
  • You know when u take traces of an interface (Iu, Gb...etc), the analyser decodes the messages for you. The engineer was reading the uncoded messages. He preferred to read the Hexadec code than actually go a few lines up and just take a good look at the decoded messages. Very strange behaviour; but we must pray for those who do such things, and God give us the patience to cope.
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