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wel first i wanna know about pope joseph the secon the one before pope kerilos there seems to be no info on him on the web all i know is that he was "dethroned" for what reason i dont know but i would like to find out if any one knows? also the two preceding popes which i cant find any info on either (John XIX | Macarius III )if anyone can give me some good info on this stuf it would be apreciated


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  • Hi cop,

    Here what I have found for you.

    The story of H. H. Pope John XIX (also known as Pope Yoannis XIX) is in the synexarium, check this link:

    The story of H. H. Pope Macarius III is in the synexarium, check this link: http://copticchurch.net/synaxarium/12_25.html#2

    And for H. H. Pope Joseph II (also known as Pope Yusab II):

    His Holiness Joseph II, known in Coptic as Yusab II was the Coptic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark (1946 – 1956). He is revered in Ethiopia for having appointed the first Ethiopian born metropolitan Archbishop for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, and granting that church full autocephelacy. His deposition by the Coptic Synod was not recognized by the Ethiopian Church, and the name of Pope Joseph II was still raised in church services in Ethiopia as Patriarch long after he was removed from office.

    Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Joseph_II_of_Alexandria

    The latter part of the nineteenth century as well as the first part of the twentieth were characterized by intense struggles between the various patriarchs and the maglis al-milli, the Community Council, centering mainly upon the issue of responsibility for the administration of the ecclesiastical endowments (awqaf). When the idea of a lay community council crystallized in 1874, Butrus Pasha Ghali asked the khedive for his permission, which he granted. The story of the Community Council reflects the power politics between the patriarchs, the clergy, and the laity. Immediately following his enthronement, Cyril V (1875–1927) even rejected the idea of having a Community Council. Throughout his administration, which lasted more than half a century, there was constant strife between the three parties. The situation did not improve under Cyril's successors, John XIX (1928–1942), Macarius III (1944–1945), and Yusab II (1946–1956). On the contrary, more than once, the government was forced to intervene to settle the disputes between the laity and the patriarchs, and compromises lasted for only brief periods. In June 1955, the Copts grew increasingly rebellious and demanded that Yusab II resign. Finally, under pressure from the Holy Synod and the Community Council, he was deposed and some of the responsibilities of the Council (like the personal status laws) were passed to the government. The story of the emergence of the lay movement in the Coptic Church is one of unfortunate disputes about the exercise of power, control, authority, and influence between the patriarchs, the clergy, and the laity.

    Reference: http://www.catalog.litpress.org/excerpts/0814624065.htm

    Hope it helps.
    May God bless you.
  • wow i need to know more about our popes..
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