domestic disputes

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Having fights within the family is a comon problem but i seem to have personality clashes with my siblings in my familyand often conflict with them. I know that in the bible it says when someone slaps you on the left cheek offer them the right as well. This is supposed to be christian, so would it be a bad thing just to avoid my siblings and have nothing to do with them? We aere all adults and have our own families but it still upsets me that none of them want to have anything to do with me unless they control my behaviour or take the position of my parents who are still alive.


  • hmm may be they just care bout yu ?
  • i dont think they do coz they all have hidden agendas!!!!

    It is very sad ???
  • hey dudette,
    disputes within families is sooooo common in the egyptian community my advice wud be to maintian a 'baed men baed' relationship wif ur family or siblings, sumtimes its the best n only way if u wanna still be on speaking terms
    my fam is in a similar situation n dats wat we do, we contact them on special occasions and wen important events r happenin but we aint all that close
    ppl show they care in diff ways but if they got hidden agendas i guess id be wary
  • well...........

    i realy don't know what to say,
    i mean my mom and dad say over and over and over again "love each ohter, you are brothers and sisters" and that is that!

    we argue sometimes, get as shoe and through it at each other, we love each other!!

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