Things that keep you going

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Things that keep us going in our spiritual lives.. things that we surround ourselves with so that we DONTT giive up !

some are :
Bible reading..

du guys have any other ideas ?? PLZ REPLY :D


  • i like ................ confession
    and saint movies.......
    and miracle books........
    and taranim........
    going to church just smelling the incense makes me feel and have "INNER PEACE!!"
    COMMUNION of course!!!
    and just talking to abona as well........ HITS the giving up spot!!
    reading the bible..................
    talking to god....... NOt TECHNICALY PRAYING!! " just talking to god in your mind...... or a saint.........!"

    if i think of more.... i will tell u


  • I'm with bentbabayasoo3, but for me, mostly is listening to alhan by ibrahim ayad hahahah, and reading spiritual books, talking to abouna and listening to his advice. I think must have a bit of time each day to talk to God and it doesn't have to be fully spiritually, you can talk to God about all the problems that you have as if he is your best friend, Talk to Him and tell him everything in your heart even the staff that you think are very small. Confession also is awesome for our spiritual life, service also can be very good, like church service, learning hymns, Most important thing is communion, also one thing that can be very very important in our spritual life is learning how to be humble, I think that helps a lot, we all have to try our best to be humble and never judge others.

    Hope I helped a lil

  • lol yeah.. thingz that usually skip my mind.. they're great ideas guys thx for rpelying !

    anyonee else got more things we can do. ?

    ii just thought of one.. ii do this [or i try to] when i feel lost. i start by making a list of my goals && prioritise them.. then i make another list of the things i do in my day and how much time i spend on them.. that sort of opens my eyes to allot of things that i dont normally see.

    another thing is meditation. just meditating on yur life makes yu realiseee s00oo much about whats really inside..
  • service and meditation... 100%

    personal time with yourself... and personal time with Christ
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