unconditional love!

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i had a question on my pre servants exam last week and it says what is unconditional love? where did we find it, relate this to having a girl or boyfriend?



  • Lol I think that unconditional love is the love that doesn't change, e.g love of God towards us, God's love is unconditional, so even though we are sinners God loves us so so much, I think if you relate that to relation between a guy and a girl (in marriage), I think that love between the two shouldn't be based on wordly staff, e.g masalan looks, coz if the guy or the girl love the other coz of looks only then this is very conditional love, if something then happens to the looks of the person they love, they will start losing the love for this person coz he/she doesn't look that nice anymore. So basically love that is unconditional shouldn't be based on looks and things like that. I mean this is only what I mean, I could be wrong ofcourse

  • umm..i don't know anyone got any diff. idea?

  • yep i agree. unconditional love is love that is UNCONDITIONAL ! lol.. well basically it's not an i love you because... its just love. did you ever find it hard to love someone that you dislike ? well unconditional love is loving someone even though they're not perfect.

    within a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship love is often base on superficial and material things.. like good looks or the way they may speak or treat you.. etc. these things may change and in turn, your feelings may change.. but uncoditional love is much deeper than that. it never changed. it's forever, it has NO END !
  • well..alright if two people agree then i'll take that as a right answer! thank you!

  • hey what exactly did you mean by relate this to boy/girl friend?

    first god is the only one that has 100% unconditional love for everyone

    and that doesn't always take any space between boy/girl friends if it's mainly based on a 'temporary' basis as like change him/her after a week lol

    it doesn't have a reason it's just..love!

    nothing can break it, even if the other loved person hated you,

    you won't change you'll still love them

    it's love of giving not love of wanting or lusting

    we can liken it with the fatherly, motherly love that includes care trust selfless, giving, helping

    it is very honest

    love which can make you give even your life to rescue whom you love

    that's why it's very hard for us humans to have completely unconditional love

    correct me if i'm wrong!

    miss u dodo ;D

  • miss you to habebty! and thnx for clerifying that grlfrnd/boyfrnd thing!

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