+++ how to confess?



  • Sorry if someone else has repeated this but a little trick u should use is when u finish ur day and ur talking to god and contemplating on his words in the bible u should also write down the sins u commited on that day and at the end of the week you'll have a enormous list (lol) and you will be able to confess on saturday after the vesper.
  • well joe what do u meen bii hat???  also, u

    mm just a question, how long do u guys and grls confess.  yea i would lke to no in how log im suposed to confess. 

      plzz p4m sister in christ
  • there is no general time set for confession...it depends on the priests availablty and urs....
    i generally dont go longer than 15 min....thats a max
  • yea, kerestina is right, here is no general time, sometimes when i w8 for abouna from confession, they sometimes go 2 minutes, and others go up to half an hour
  • i wear an ishurb while i confess...
    u should:
    + make a list of ur sins so that u dont forget anything
    +b4 u confess, make sure u r ready to repent and r not just going to get it over with. take it seriously!
    +dont just sit there and read off the list, ask abouna how 2 improve

    u should take off ur shoes
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