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well this isn't really a question.. i think i just need reassurance.
okaiie well a few months ago [during holidays when i have too much time on my hands] i asked myself a question.. who am i ? friends had been making comments on personality traits that i didnt believe i had.. and when i thought about it.. i didnt know. since then ive been trying to figure it out.. but i couldnt. if i get a description of myself down on paper then read it a week later .. i wouldnt recognise the person i was a week before. im a different person every day! sometimes a few people on the same day. for example i could act one way with my teacher and a completely diferent way with my parents and then a whole new person can pop out when im with my friends. Pleaseee tell me that this is normal and is just a part of growingup and developing a personality? i feel like im going CRAZEE !

ii think the thing that i fear the most is that ill turn into a person that i dont wonna be and wake up 20 years from now and find myself caught up in the world.. without Christ. i cannot trust myself to do the right thing.. ii feel like sometimes i cant even conrol what i doo . soo scareed. i need reassurance. someone say its gonna be okaiie. please. ?


  • lol i sound like ah crazie person up there.. i do feel like that sometimes though.. any comments ?
  • Hizz-Child,

    The reason we say that man needs an absoulte refrence point to maintian any sense of sanity in his precisley for the reasons you stated. Man, by defintiion is a finite, created, dependent being who's very reason for existence is in a Being that is greater then hmself (aka: God). God's attributes, by defintion, include a constant personal Mind that is eternally unchanging. For if God was inconstant then each of His traits would be subjective and contingent upon ciricumstancial instances. Now, being that God does not live in a timed world of varying circumstances that mimics our world, but in a world where all circumstances are for the glory of His name, seems unwarranted for a person to infer that God is an inconstant Being.

    Yet, under the visage of God as a constant, infiinite, uncreated Being, the only reason for His existence is found in His very nature. While God can exist without the preponderance of man's presence, man can by no means exist without an abosulte transcendent God to depend upon.. While you may feel that your current state of sanity is at stake, I find that the expressions your are relaying assume, perfectly, the essential need for God in our lives--you are more sane then you might imagine. The inconstantcy of man lays witness to an all loving, all powerful persona that reflects the constancy of God. No wonder Christ implores us to follow in His footsteps while explicitly offering His a light-placed and his yoke of emenating simplicity.

    God bless you.
  • i totally agree with gmankbadi! i personally believe that the reason for our existence on earth is to unite with Christ. may God bless you all.
  • thanks heaps ! appreciate it. feelz battah ;D
  • and also don't think much abt wht ur gonna be adn wht ur gonna look like, cuz the more u think the more u worry! and if we planned our life god has alrady planned it for us

  • Yes me too agree leave everything from your hands and leave God doing everything for you...and be sure that God will do the best...
  • yep yu guys are absolutely right.. i was worrying over nothing. I now know that God will take care of everything. Thankyou all for your kind words & guiddance.. its greatly appreciated.
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