can NOT focus!! what 2 do??

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i am having a big big big problem here, and i have no idea what to do!!
as u all know my khalo passed away and it has been 2/3 weeks now! and i can NOT focus in my college classes at all!! i had 2 tests sooo far and i feel like i just should have put my name on it and give it back to the professor rgt away!

i can NOT focus, i can NOt concetrate!! i do NOT know what to do!!

i still i have sorrow in my heart! i don't know what to do, i don't know how to take it out!

i am do NOT wanna ruin my future! i really wanna recovery from my khalo's death!



pray for me

:'( :(bentBABAyasooa` :( :'(


  • and i don't wanna make khalo dissapointed in me!! :'(

    he used to encourage me in my studies! and calls me

    ya doc. bentBABAyaooa`


    i don 't wanna disspoint him!!!

    [move] [shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'([/glow] [/shadow] [/move]
  • Lol don't worry so much, you will be fine, I'm sure about it, I want you to get happy and think about your future, I know exactly how you feel, but lol you must know that your khalo is having the best time than all of us living on this earth, whenever you feel that there is sorrow in your heart, try to think about your khalo and think where he is now, he is in the best place a person could imagine. Lol again I'm repeating be happy in christ.

    All the best lol

  • what about focusing??????? ???
  • make him proud!!!!!!!! =) ummm....well make sure you get enough sleep clears your head...and you need 10 hours of sleep in order to remember what you getting off topic...arent i? did you tell your proffesors? maybe they can have some mercy? and when your studying and need to do something..idk how...but just totally block out everything! !o..i know...keep yourslef busy...with yea...sooooo .....we all wish you the best !! :)
  • something that personally helps me focus when i study is i read a short chapter from the Bible and to have some church songs going give it a try and definetly pray pray and pray

    God Bless and Pray for me
  • and gl mira ;) gbu
  • hey,

    guys! i am soo depressed!!!

    i have tried watching a movie, but now it is too late to do any-studying! ( late at night i mean!)

    i am gonna try what u wrote and c if it works for me or not! and i will let u know!!

    any-other opinions???
  • Maybe you should see a psychologist preferrably a christian one. Maybe you will need medication for a short time..

    Maybe you have to go through a normal grieving process or something..

    read the chapters of the bible that are about the resurrection..

    the bible says do not sorrow as those who have no hope.. and thats a sin too.

    Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Thessalonians 4 ;&version=9;

    Also maybe talk to a priest and maybe talk to someone else in church who lost a loved one..

    Dear sister may God support you during this time...
  • it is not a mental health problem!

    it is pain and sorrow that is taking over my mind! and making me NOT focus! :(

  • god has a plan for all of us...and the best thing i do is to talk to ur father of confessions and pray pray pray from ur heart!!!!god knows wat best for everyone as for wat can help u...

    + talk to ur friends and go spend some time with them

    +when im happy mad or upset i always watch my favorite saint movie (Pope Kirlios) :) or watch and movie like saints or sometimes go for a walk alone and talk to god...thats always a good thing

    +also try to read like the bible or saint stories those are always good

    +and another thing is try to go to church more often and be alone from the word and its temptations...try to relax and go inside the alter and pray.

    +another thing is always always have faith in the lord..he loves u soooo much!!!and his love is soooo great!!!!we all should praise the lords name and give thanks to him and bless him for everything he has done.

    god bless u...

  • that is wht i am planing to do

    thankx alot

    any other opinion???
  • hey i am actualy starting to focus and start to study like i never studied before!!

    thankx for praying for me!

    plz do keep praying for me

    ur sis in faith
  • good like don worry just cool and ull do fine
  • i am trying to calm down and cool off!!

    i am sure khalo won't like it when i am not focusing like that!!

  • I found this book when I was looking around.. just to see if something interests me..

    Christ's Comfort for Those Who Sorrow
  • kewl.....

    but i realy don't buy books on-line!

    u can NEVER trust ppl with credit card numbers!!!

    but i am actually feeling that i am getting better! i don't want to JINX myself!


  • everytime u seem to not concentrate...tell only making myuncle have casued u this trouble
  • ...

    but sometimes that makes me feel worse! cuz i am not making him happy!!


  • well u should take it on the better making him feel worse..AND I DONT WANT TO>>SO I BETTA DO THIS WELL...take on that attitude!
  • [quote author=why link=board=10;threadid=4408;start=15#msg60993 date=1158648442]
    well u should take it on the better making him feel worse..AND I DONT WANT TO>>SO I BETTA DO THIS WELL...take on that attitude!

    ya mira u better before u FAIL ur classes and u DONT wantt that
  • i real am trying!! :(



  • I have not had a close one to me die yet but I have real problems studying.. I just can not st ay focused and endure it or something.. I need help too.. If I remember (which I better) I will pray for you..

    with God nothing is impossible..
  • :(

    i will pray for u too! mr. JesusisKingofKings !!


  • May God open up your heart to him so that you find consolance in him. Pray each time before you open a book to study.
  • hey,
    i wasn't doing good in 2 of my classes, now it is only one class i am worried about!!
    HISTORY!!!! yuck...........!!! "western civilization" yewww...........!!!!!!

    i am a math/science person more likely GEEK!!!

    i feel sooo sad!! :'(
    maybe i am having one of them days where i want to get out what is inside!!!!! ???

  • where did khalo go when he died? heaven of course...he can still see what your doing and he believes that you will go on with your life anddo what he has told you. he is with the lord jesus christ and is all you have to do is pass the tests just for him....then you will havve a good future and in the end you will be with the lord and be happy fro eternal life....
  • everytime i try to run away, somen has to pop up and remind me what happened!!

    i know he wants be doctora, and i am soo determined now to be a doctora as much as i was before khalo died, just cuz khalo didn't see me to be a doctora!!


    ya rab............!!

    plz plz plz pray for me, i realy need ur prayers no matter how small!

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