he loves me?!?!?!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! idk what to do....ok so this guy thinks he loves me..as in im the love of his life...as in get married and have two kids named Gabreill and Hanna...no im not joking hes 15 and im 13...and hes thought about this!! im totally freaked!! He knows i cant have bf...so we're ealy like him ...but im too young fer this!! I want to enjoy my tefriends...but he says he loves me...and im the perfect girl fer him!! i want my to have fun and experience juss like everyone else rather then stress bout this!! and my parents will freakkkkkkkkk when they find out bout him!! I havent told him this...but i just really dont want to hurt him...i know how it feels to be hurt ...and i would never wanna do that to him!! idk how to pray and ask God fer help...cuz idk what help i need....or what i want to pray for!! this may seem like no big deal to you...but it is!! DO NOT tell me to tell my parents!! Any suggestions other then FOC ????? im juss soooooooooooo confused and frustrated..and w/ everything else going on...i feel like curling up in a ball and dieing right about now! I totally feel like God has aboned and ignored me...im so alone! ....my parents r the hardest ppl to talk to...and uggg...im just really stressed!!


  • Hey Coptic Cross, how are you, hope that everything is going alright with you, I would like to you something very important, You are too too too too young now lol, you should be enjoying your life and not think about love matters now, I do highly recommend that you talk to this guy and tell him that you are not thinking about these sort of staff now and that you want to be good friends with him, YOU MUST TALK TO YOUR FOC, it is very important to know that you are doing the correct thing lol, Telling him that is gonna be the best solution lol, again I'm repeating, YOU ARE WAY TOO YOUNG LOL, why would you put yourself to be committed towards someone while you are only 13, you need to wait at least 7 or 8 years to be mature enough to choose your soule mate, I hope I'm not making you feel bad at all, but my suggestion is that you talk to the guy in a friendly way and tell him that you are not thinking about these staff now and that you want to be friends with him, also lol HE IS WAYYYYYY TOOOO YOUNG as well for committment, he should understand this. I hope that i answered your question

  • thnx....=) and i deffiently agree..thats why im freaking!! I AM WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOO YOUNG!! i would also like to enjoy my teenage years and gain expereince instead of stressing bout this! i told him that if we were more then friends ....it would just complicate things!! ....he agreed (kinda) ...but then he just went back to telling me he loves me....and i realize love is a hard thing to shake off...like he said....sooooo ....yea...!! FOC scares me!! i've never been to one...i know i have to...i cant get the courage...he scares me and doesnt speak the best English...hes Egyptian and probably wouldnt be able to relate (hes actually a bishob) so that makes it worse....i cant turn to anyone but coptic friends =)....and ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty baladoos fer the comment....it kinda helps knowing someone backs up my choice that im too young@@
    love always
  • umm .. is he from egypt ? coz it sounds like someone i know. okaiie well what im about to say may not sound like the best solution but it works out, trust me. just stay away from him, dont speak to him when you dont have to.. dont give him a chance to say those things to you. if you tell him that you're not ready or something, you might hurt him anddd he'll want to convince you that you belong together.. dont let him. but dont make it too obvious straight away because then he'll notice the change. be smart about it.. good luck and dont forget to PRAY, it wont just get over it. pray for him, so will i . best of luck bye :)
  • You should start off by telling him that you like him as a friend...then off course you have to tell your FOC because he will tell you how to deal with him and others...And you are too too too young for this...and if you do not know what to say in your prayer then just say God help me...and everything is possible with the Lord ...therefore you ask for help and watch wonders happen
  • i agree with baladoos

    and one more thing ya copticcross3 is CALM DOWN AND BREATH!!

    in and out, in and out, in and out!!


    you know that ur too young, he is too young as well!! i am 18 and engaged but do NOT wanna get married any-time soon! atleast 3/5 yrs from now!! so you won't think about marriage 'till u r like 20 or somen like that!! so calm down!!

    he can NOT marry you!!! so calm down!!

    and tell him to stop it if u want to stay just friends!!!

    talk to abona as well, he will say u guys are too young! and he will tell u what to do!!


  • waaaaaaaaaaaa really really like him!! i've tried and it hurts me to not talk to him!! hes like easy to talk to...i tell him alot...and ect.@ and no ...hes not egyptian...or coptic (he said hell convert ahahahha...o gosh this is pretty serious...aint it?) hes american...yeppp.....I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO FOC....truth be told...like i mentioned...HE SCARES ME....ALOT!! IDK WHY!! I KNow im too young...='( thank you for the help so far....so far everyones saying the same thing...so ....i guess....its gotta be right....ima go back and reread everything...so thank you!! i love you all and im really happy that you're helping me out w/ this
  • i definitly agree with all of you. you are way to young to even be thinking about matters like this and just like bentbabayasoua said just breath and talk to your FOC he can help you out

    God Bless and Pray for me
  • i know im too young so yea....he knows it too....he says in 7/8 years maybe we can get married....but its like .... I REALLY like him...but its too early for this!!! its not like he's forcing a ring on my finger....but i feel like somehow i've made some sort of promise! .....he cant go a day without talking to me!! Im worried of hurting him...he takes things really personally and....i DONT AND I CAN HURT HIM!!
  • hello copticcross. like noot to put pressure on you but if you do what he tells you you are really denying god and your 13!!! and think of it if you do that your life would be misrable...
  • yes...i realize this could mean alot to my life...and make me misreable...which is why....I FEEL LIKE CURLING UP IN A CORNER AND DIEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to hide from it all!! i know its a problem...and idk if im making him sound bad....but im almost sure he would support anything i said...it just that i dont wanna say it...i dont wanna hurt him...he wants me to be happy! so hes not the problem...its me! waaaaaa im so very depressed...about everything! ...my whole life is crumbling before my very eyes...and fer some reason GOD is looking elsewhere!!!!!!!!
  • DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA !! take it easy girl.. its not the end of the world. nothings gonna happen if you dont let it. YOURE IN CONTROL ! remember that. eyyy i have a book you can read, youve probably heard of it.. it's called 'I kissed dating goodbye' .. it wont help you're situation but it will keep you strong. best of luck GBU
  • You said that he wants you to be happy, right? So, why don't you try to look sad every time he says that he loves you and talks of marriage? Just look away and don't answer, or change the subject. Tell him that you don't like it when he talks about that stuff.

    Pray Pray Pray!! If you pray with faith, God won't ignore you "...seek and you will find...". I'll pray for you too.

    Oh, and make sure you don't have any physical contact with him. Don't even like pat his back or touch his hand because, although it may mean nothing to you, it may arouse feelings in him. Be very careful.
  • dont pat his back?????? huh? and its just that ..I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM!!!!!!! so...umm yea....ima think of a very delicate way to tell him to shut up...and stop talking bout the future....llol....j/k...but yea...ill tell him a.s.a i think of how to...and i allso dont wanna miss out on what other friends get to do in their tennage years..so ill juss tell him
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