ruined my life

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uggggggggggggg....i have this feeling so much....and i regret most of the decesions i've ever made!! key word : I'VE!! and i keep vowing to let GOD make the decisions for me but im never patien...theres no time to be patient when i have 2 minutes to make the decesion!! and when its a long-time to think decesion...i pray and the awnser never comes!! i fell like God is ignoring me!!! and i end up making bad choices fer myself!! what am i doing wrong?? why wont God help me??


  • you are probably not looking in the right places for the answers. and you must definitly be more patient with God he will answer your prayers in HIS own time not yours just keep praying and talk with your FOC and i am positve that everything will be ok

    God Bless and Pray for me
  • ill pray fer ya... =) ...but but but...WHERE WOULD I LOOK?? and where shall i get all this time?? idk how patient i can be....his own long!!!!!
  • ya i know sometimes it feels like he is ignoring you and not answering your prayers but i know he will in time don't worry about it everything has a time and a place. and ask God to show you his answers more clearly so that it is obvious what he wants you to do hope i helped in any way
  • he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you really think God is listening? why wont he listen?!?!?!??!?!? its really making me question/doubt him and my faith and religon and everything i've ever believed him! i think maybe this is why i've been rebelling so often lately...idk....its hard to talk to an invisble person up there...that isnt listening! i hate to say this...but even if i didnt its still in my brain...and and....i cant help thinking!! hmmm.....i fell like crying!
  • well don't cry everything will be ok i talk from experience here i had a problem for a long time and it felt like God wasn't doing anything about it but he came through for me not after a couple of months but years so don't give up your faith he is there and he is listening
  • thanks....thanks fer the support and gonna hng on as long as i possibly can...idk how much longer that is!! im gonna snap soon...and lose it...and go thru my ?ning phase all over agian!! thats never pretty! im not doing enough on my part by praying/ reading BIBLE or anything...but the passion isnt there...i dont wanna anymore....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thnx fer the "everything will be ok" that made me smile!! =)
  • well i am glad to be of any service if you need anything else just send me a message hope everything goes well

    God Bless and Pray for me
  • :) :) :) :) thnx....yea...ill pray for you...but ....i doubt thatll do u any
  • i am sure it will ;)
  • lol.....perhaps....positive thinking huh? I just dont understand why GOD wont listen!!!! not doing my part is true...but i cant!!!!!!!!!!! how can i do my part when ...i dont want to? does that make sense?
  • there is no such thing as you can't you can do anything with God and if YOU set your mind to it.
  • but..... GOD wont help!! MY brain doesnt want to!! it wants to quit on me!!
  • he will help you in his own way i have a story for you. there was this one man in the middle of a hurrican and he asked God to save his life and he believed that he would. he was on the top of his roof and the water was rising. a man in a boat said come on lets go but the guy said no God will save me. another came in a helicopter and said come on i can save you but he said no God will save me. many others came but to everyone he said God will save me. in the end he died and came to God and asked him Why didn't you save me??? God said i sent you many people to save you, what more do you want.

    see he will help you u
  • rofl!!!!! o gosh.....get on the boat!! duhhhhhh!! lol...well i dont see a single way GOD is offering right now...but i shall wait....but see that story isnt fair...cuz it cant be more obvious then somebody coming to him and telling him he'l save him....nothing like that happens with us!!
  • yes it does it just might not be obvious to us. i know that the story isn't great but it is a great example of what God is doing for us.
  • I asked god how much he loved me , he streched out his arms and said this much then he died!

    Do you really think that God that did all this for you, would then ignore your prayers, come on! I think that God is always there every second and every moment that passes by, He is there, even if we might not see Him. I know that a lot of times I've been like you and said the same thing, God's not listening, God is not answering our prayers, but we kind of all just say that sometimes, but you know that deep down inside you feel Him in your heart, and you know that no matter what He is always there for you. Dont expect Him to answer your prayers right away, and dont expect Him to send you a vision of what He wants you to do, but if you keep on praying and wait patiently and say "let Your will be done" not our will, you will know what His answer is for your prayers
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! o gosh the icing on the cake!!!!!! i just wrote this huge post...and lost it!!!!!!! blahhhhhh!!! GOd is too ignoring me!! with all the strict rules and everything...its like he purposly wants us to fail!! like a teacher that gives too much hw, grades critcally and never gives exta credit...u know? grrrrrrrr......i feel like hes testing he wants me to try to b on my own and i keep screwing up misreably!! then i read another post and go " o joy......another reason for me to get condemned to hell" its not fair....u know?? WE ARE HUMAN!! and when he doesnt help lost!!!!!!!!! he hasnt been helping fer a while!! and i want to keep loving him...but how? how?? how?? then everything meets together...and right in a bad point of my life....idk what to do anymore...
  • God is not ignoring you what so ever. the strict rules are for your guidance yes were are definitly human but that is no reason to give up. listen you are not alone in this matter like i already told you i have been exactly through this same situation that you are going through right now just keep plowing through it
  • umm okaiie well ive got a few things to say.
    1. GOD NEVER IGNORES HIS CHILDREN, if you dont feel God working in your life then maybe its you thats ignoring Him. maybe He's present in your life more than you know but you're too blind to see it ? looking for something you dont expect to find can do that to you.
    2. theres no such thing as ruining your life ? every second that you live is still your life, a.k.a a chance to change that around ? God isn't gonna do the hard work for you, you have to make the decision to change, once you manage that you will see go in your life and He'll keep you going.
    3. Christianity is based on FAITH. You have to have faith and believe God is by yourr side to see Him.
    4. a comment you made :


    . we are not human, we are Christian. we are not of this world. At birth we are baptised and have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us.. we become a temple of our living God. throughout our lives we receive Holy Communion.. GOD LIVES INSIDE EACH ONE OF US. How can you say we're only human ? God does not give us obstacles that we cant handle, and He's there with us every step of the way. You just have to see Him work. How do you think that sun rises every morning and the moon gives us light at night? its beyond science. You just needah step back out of your own life, your own troubles and issues and look at the bigger picture. You will Find God. GBU [ hope i dont sound like iim attacking what you're saying i dont mean it , promise :-\] please keep me in yur prayers.
  • no!! keep going...its fine ....i know ur trying to help ( i hope you ) anyhoo....what you wrote all made make it sound SO EASY!! yet....lets what happens when i try to ....nada!!......i know that a huge part of this is me...perhaps GOD is here but im too blind to see...well say we've agreed upon this..and then it goes back to....HOW???? not what or why?? I feel like hes ignoring me ...well this gonna make me sound lazy (notice im not denying ....or that im not doing my part) .....but its cuz...well GOD just aint makin it easier!! where else should i look for awnsers....under the bed?? where when you say to look for what i didnt expect...where and how is question??? and idk how to force myself to love GOD..when im doubting not really thinking bout the passion! i have no desire to get up and pray or read the BIBLE or stay awake in just so confused and lost and angry that its really hard to love anyone !! and just because we are christians ...does not mean we'rent human! i want to change i think i do.....but my brain just keeps thinking "youve messed up to much....the whole is too deep....forget it and stay there" i dont wanna think that way...but sometimes i agreed that ive messed up too much!!
  • those thoughts that you've messed up way to much to do anything are not yours these thoughts are from the devil he wants you to stay away from God and to give up hope. you must see a priest and talk with them about how you feel and don't say i am scared they are here to help us not judge us hope i helped

    God Bless and Pray for me
  • yes, trust me, jydeacon is EXACTLY right, even if u don't think its the devil putting these thoughts in your head, it is. He wants you to think all these things so you will give up!!!!!!!!!

    TRUST ME!!!!!! BELIEVE ME on this one!!!!!! I went through the EXACT SAME THING where I felt like God wasn't answering any of my prayers, I thought he didn't love me anymore, and I thought that all hope was lost... this went on for several months where I cried many times and felt abandoned by God... I didn't believe my FOC or my parents, grandparents or anybody that things would get better... the only way I would be conviced that things were going to get better was if God showed me this and worked in my life.. AND GOD is ALWAYS working. ALWAYS. I just didn't realize it.

    And it DID GET BETTER! I learned that God is our hope and he will never ever let you down. If God didn't love you and me, and every single person on this earth then Jesus wouldn't have died on the cross!
    He came to save, don't let despair get the better of you.

    and that is the same with you! he will never ever EVER leave you, forsake you, or forget you! and it may take a while for Him to work, but He DOES hear your prayers, and he WILL listen to you, and WILL bring you out of all this confusion.

    Just don't dwell on these thoughts because they will drive you crazy and only lead you into a feeling of hopelesness and despair, worrying and being anxious doesn't help the problem...all those thoughts are from the devil and not from God, so just try to say a short prayer or make the sign of the cross whenever that happens..

    I still think you need to talk to your FOC though, because he can give you good advice and spiritual guidance to your problem... believe me... at my old church, there was an abouna that came from egypt..
    and I went to confession, and after a while I was surprised at how much english he knew and how much he helped me with my problem! So pray pray pray, ask God to help you, maybe even to gather the courage to schedule a confession! I'm so sure things will get better, but pray read the bible, go to confession, take communion. even if you don't want to... don't break this connection with God, things will get better.

    here are a lot of verses that helped me through this... I hope they help you too! ;)

    Isaiah 45:15-16
    15 "Can a woman forget her nursing child, And not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, Yet I will [b]not forget you."
    16"See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me."

    "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?" Jeremiah 32:27

    Hebrews 13:5
    "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

    yeah sorry this is so long lol i just had a lot to say... ill pray for you :)
    GBU, and pray 4 me n my weaknesses,
  • hello everyone!!!

    I think everyone has echoed my thoughts on the situation. but i justed wanted to add my experience with this problem.

    I've been through the very same thing. before 6 months ago i had not taken holy communion and was very distant frm the church for over 7 years. 4 of those years i neva prayed or read the bible at that stage i neither liked or hated the Lord i didnt know who he was. until it got to the point where i was very depressed and REGRETED every decision i had made, it seemed like i had done everything wrong.

    For the 1st tym i sincerely prayed to the Lord, and startd reading the bible 1 chapter a nite. but I was still very distant frm the church. He neva answered my prayers and for that i hated him, to the point i would costantly curse him, i remember a day when i got home and a picture on the wall had fallen and shattered (it was my fav pic, the one with the Lord knocking on the door)

    It seemed that the more i tried to do the rite thing the more problems he put on me and it was driving me nuts. this continued for 3 yrs, at the beginning of this yr i had a great urge to confess and since i didnt have a confession father and was not part of any church community i didnt know how to confess.

    thankfully and due to another problem i had to visit church and said hello to the priest, The priest knows me very well and asked me if i wanted to talk to him since i had not seen him for so many years. I jumped at the opportunity and had confession i also took holy communion that week to make it complete.

    Since then i have been visiting church and only last week the Lord has granted me one of my prayers. and im sure he will grant me the others in due tym

    Ive deliberately spoken in detail about my experience because i hope it helps u relize that the Lord is always with you even if ur not with him and he wouldnt give u a problem he thinks u couldnt handle. So dont give up on him he WILL help u, and its the best feeling in the world knowing that he actually heard ur prayer and acted upon it. till then he's just making u a stronger person.
  • wow drumaboy yur story's amazing ! please keep me in your prayers.

    umm there was a verse i came accross a few days ago and it reminded me of this post... :-\ iii cant remember it ,, sooo soorryyy.. but it was about how if you obey the Lord, your prayers will be answered.. ??? is anyone familiar with it ?? if you are please post it up here ! thankyou :)
  • Is this the verse

    John 15
    7If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

    FROM 15;&version=9;


    1 John 3:22 And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.

    FROM John 3 ;&version=9;

    I think you should read spiritual books..
    like pope shenouda's books..

  • God sends us tribulations and you may need to start veiwing this in a different way. We all make mistakes, if you heard my life story you would think my goodness what have you done girl! but we learn and grow and make more mistakes. God is present in our lives and strengthens us in these difficult times.
  • god forgives us no matter what we do!!!
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