The question of the Divinity of God.

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hi.. i am a fellow copt who has been wondering about this question for a long time. I was taught in history class that when there was a separation between the western christianity and eastern orthodox christianity the main reason for this separation was their beliefs on the Divinity of God.. do we believe that Jesus was a human as well as God or do we believe that Jesus was only God?.. i always hear different answers from people....thank you so much.. and May God be with you all .... :)


  • hey!
    i think i speak for all coptic youth in north america that being questioned and sometimes attacked is a common experience for us. the best thing to do is to arm yourself with knowledge from church, youth meetings, the Bible, books of the Fathers of the Church, asking your Priest, etc.. with this and PRAYER (which is key) God will work through you and let you know when you should say something, and when it's best to stay silent.
    but in regard to what we believe about Christ, don't let anyone confuse you: we believe Jesus is fully human and fully divine. both in one. not two separated; not just one; not one inferior to the other; but both together, both full. if anyone tries to tell you copts believe otherwise, don't listen to them. just ask your Abouna ;)
    God bless you!!
  • Christ was both fully human and Divine, and his divinity never parted from his humanity.

    thats why in the confesion during the literugy the priest recites, "I believe, i believe, that his divinity parted not from his humany for a single moment nor a twinkling of an eye."
  • Heleni,
    that couldn't have been put better! :)
  • God bless you ahooyah ;D! Seems I am everywhere huh ? lol. The reasons for the separation between East and West was due to theological and political reasons. The West (Rome) inserted without the benefit of an Ecumenical Council, the Filioque clause into the Creed ( The Holy Spirit comes from the Father AND the Son). Also the inovation of the Roman Papacy teaching it was the Head of the Church. Later on, the teachings of purgatory,indulgences, papal Infallibilty and the Immaculate Conception of The Holy Virgin Mary. These are the main reasons of the separation There were others but they are minor. Hope this helps. God bless ...please pray for me ...a great sinner.

  • Very well put ahooyah Iqbal! God bless you. :)
  • If you are interested to know more about this, there is this great great book by St. Athanasius "on the incarnation" you can find it almost everywhere if it is not in your church library or book store, also in Barnes and Noble, it is not a big book, and the translation written by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press is very user friendly.
    also you can find links online to the "e" version of the book
    although i did not check these links out, but the introduction by C.S. Lewis in the book is really great.
    Enjoy :)
  • The Divinity is what made the seperation between the Greek Orthodox and the Coptic Orthodox. As you may now, in the Mass, we say "His Divinty parted not from his humanity for a single moment nor a twinkling of an eye." but the Greek Orthodox exclude that phrase, the main reason we can't partake in Greek Orthodox communion. Hope this helps :D
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father+ and of the Son+ and of the Holy Spirit+, the One True God. Amen. [/glow]

      I have an intense and profound love for the Coptic Church and I sincerely appreciate the fellowship and support everybody on this website have demonstrated to me. 

      HH Pope Shenouda lll (may God grant him many more years) have written about the differences between the Coptic and Eastern Orthodox definition of Our Lord's Hypostatic Union. Both Churches mean the same thing: The Lord Jesus is FULLY Divine and FULLY human. Just that the CO's say its within a composite NATURE (which makes Co's MIAphysite not MONOphysite) and the EO's say its TWO natures! You 2+2=4 and we say 2x2=4. Different terms but same conclusion! Plus both St. Cyril the Great and St. Athanasius the Apostolic are venerated by BOTH Churches!

      We have alot more in common than dissimiliar and we should pray that the Holy Spirit+ may guide us all for the Oneness of Faith! 
  • I agree, I actually feel its kinda of Unchristian behaviour for us to split over things like this, but I hope we become one again some time.

    Any way We believe that Christ has a combined nature called the Incarnated Logos this consists of two natures (the devine and human) bound together by one Will.
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