I was just wondering.. does anyone have a tape of an actual coptic orthodox exorcism online? if so i would greatly like to see it.


  • what is that??? ???

  • I found a Russian Orthodox one, but couldn't find a Coptic one.
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=4;threadid=4384;start=0#msg60354 date=1157559985]
    what is that??? ???

    mira that is like when bad el shar a devil :o goes inside someone and takes control over them :-X
  • ooooo..............

    ya mammaa!!! ;)

  • this idea scaaaaars me to death i don't want that eva to happen
  • omg don't watch that video lol it's night here right now and i was kinda of gonna watch it but i stopped it i get scared too much
  • i watched it at like 11 and i wasnt scared...
  • it's past midnight here and everyone at my house is in bed it's only me :o lol i don't think i need to watch it cos i'm not after some terrible dreams or nightmares lol
  • hey orthodox11 can u PM me with it i wanna hear it...
  • hey?
    u know what fear is like???

    it is like a lion who is traped in a cage, and he roars! and he is locked with a big big lock on the cage! and only god has that KEY! so why be afraid of the lion, if u know he ain't coming out?? just the roaring that scares!

    abona once told me that,
    and it works everytime! ;)
  • wow yes it does thnx for sharing this quote wow god bless you!
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