coptic new year

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happy coptic new year to you all and i had a question pop up in my mind..last sunday when abouna was tlaking about the copticnew year..why do we celebrate the coptic new year since we have the 2006 years ago when christ was born? this is the point that i never i'll appritiate if someone could help me!and happy new year one more time. ;D


  • hey sandrahanna
    coptic new yr is today?? u mean sept 5th??
    no one said anything abt it from church neither did abona!!
    welll........happy coptic new year!

    i am not sure why we celebrate it! but i assume it has to do with the coptic part of the church... cuz it is coptic new year...get it??!?!?! 8)
  • The coptic calendar is the calendar of martyrs. We celebrate it not based on Christ birth, it's based on when Decladianos started persectuing the christians and the start of the era of christians who got martyred in the coptic church. And Happy coptic new year everyone.
  • Wait, doesn't the new year start next Monday? Today was the start of the really small (4 or 5 day) month...
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=13;threadid=4381;start=0#msg60331 date=1157507631]
    coptic new yr is today?? u mean sept 5th??

    bentBABAyasooa`, actually the Coptic New Year, is on September 11th, next monday as Christ4Life mentioned, I can always remember it, in a simple way actually, even though it's a new year, but it's a very sad thing, it's the same day as 9/11, so a 5 anniversary for the 9/11 tragedy, sorry to bring it up, but I thought it would be easier for everyone to know how to remember it!

    Coptic Servent
  • am sorry about not mentioing the date..but its next monday..and my question was y did they counted only 1723 years ago..don't we have martys still nowa days?

  • the dude wanted martyrs' blood to be up to the knee of the horses
    I don't know about you.....but thats a massive amount of martyrs he killed at one time (the blood didn't reach the horses' knees, there are still many christians alive today sadly for that bad emperor)
    take a second to pra for me....thank you
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