views on second coming

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:)hay people Ibra and i are just wondering what your views are on the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ or Judgment day

thanks God Bless and pray 4 us
Nardin and Ibra


  • The thought of judgement day scares me!
  • :) n views on the antichrist and the chip 666 ye stuff bout that

    nardin and Ibra
  • I think we had a thread going on the end of the world...there's a link to the explanation of the book of revelations by fr Tadros, who explains a whole lot of those questions...

    but it's still interesting to know differenct vieuws of people :)
  • Ya well mebe in the other thread....other thread is located in Coptic Church, named "End of the World"

  • Check these threads out:

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    has elijah already come?
    Jesus second coming signs
    Judgement Day

    Who Created heaven and earth: we saw Him as a Good One: in the bosom of Mary, the New Heaven: and the righteous, Joseph the Just.

    - Chris
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