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Is there lust in a marriage?


  • Hi there,
    I know exactly where you coming from, but I think that marriage doesn't contain lust, otherwise our coptic orthodox church wouldn't have called this sacrement as a holy sacrement. Relationships between married couples are very blessed from GOD, because the married couples are not 2 different person anymore, they are 1 person, and If you read the epistle of Saint Paul, it talks clearly about how marriage is very blessed. I personally think that relationships in marriage shouldn't be called lust, because lust will never be blessed by GOD I guess. but if anyone else has anyother opinion i would like to know
  • so then all the intimate 'sex' so greatly advertised is wrong? and there should be no sense of physical pleasure in a relationship?

    please excuse my forward remark... it is just out of curiousity
  • Lol I didn't mean that, I meant that physical pleasure in marriage shouldn't be called lust, lust is a different thing. Lust is a selfesh feeling that is based on just taking without giving, but physical plesure in marriage is different. I mean that's what I think,
  • there is no "LUST" in marriages!
    in my opinion, cuz marriage should be based on love and strong feelings to each other!

    this is what lust means:

    lust [lust]
    1. sexual desire: the strong physical desire to have sex with somebody, usually without associated feelings of love or affection
    2. eagerness: great eagerness or enthusiasm for something
    the lust for power

    Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • I dont think "lust" would be the correct term to use in marriage, cuz they have both beeen united as one by the holy spirit. Therefore, the man has power over the woman's body, and vice versa. Having said that, there should never be 'lust' in such a unity because they have already given their entire being to one another. Thus, any sexual act within the walls of marriage is not provocative, but rather holy.
  • Very good comments here Maryanne, its awesome
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  • In lust, one person wants to recieve more but not give. This is the case of fornication always because there is no reason to perform the act except for pleasure. (because if you break up with the person, later you'll think you acomplished something in that point, and many more reasons, much better to wait until commitment)
    In marriage, it is recognized that the act is a gift from God to create a life THAT WILL HAVE A SPIRIT.
    In the act while married, it is all giving. The husband gives to the wife. The wife gives to the husband. (there is humility between the two)

    Pray for me
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