When do we sit?



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    [quote author=Orthodox11 link=board=12;threadid=4370;start=0#msg60127 date=1157194304]This is a good article on why we don't use pews:

    No offence, but it seems like a pretty silly article in my opinion:

    Pews teach the lay people to stay in their place

    Where are they supposed go?

    In teaching us to sit back and relax, pews give us the impression that any inconvenience, much less suffering no matter how slight, is foreign to the Christian life.

    That's just plain absurd; they make it sound like Church go-ers are going to start living it up because of their experience with sitting on pews for 5-10 mins every hour or so at Sunday Liturgy.

    Pews destroy the traditional feeling of freedom in church. With the installation of pews, we are no longer "bothered" with all the moving around which used to take place. You know, grandmothers lighting candies, children kissing icons, and the worshippers gathering around their priest like a family gathered about their father.

    This is just amusing to say the least. Come on, do you really expect anyone to take this seriously? I know my responses aren't very substantive but that's just because there's nothing substantive to respond to in the first place.

    I don't intend any disrespect to those whose parishes do not have pews, but to promote some sort of an apologetic that attempts to argue that the presence of pews undermines our "self-understanding as Orthodox Christians" is just plain ridiculous in my opinion.

    i agree with iqbal this is an obsured article. i feel it has no coptic nature to it (dancing?? WHY WOULD WE DANCE)

    the only part i might agree is the idea that it gives an idea that church is a 'sit back and relax' manner
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