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my friend changed, she is one of my 2 best friends from 6th grade, she says has a bf,but i am not sure,she changed in a bad way and she does not talk to me {onl.ine} as usual, what should i do? :-\


  • Think about it this way christiangrlforevr, is your best friend doing bad things that if you get closer to her, you think you might get pressured into doing it, than back off a little bit, don't let her influence you to do any of the bad things that she is committing, don't get too deep with her, or else you might get into what she's doing without even realizing it! May God be with you, you could still be her friend, but you can keep your distant, and if she is really your friend she will realize what she did, and if she hasn't than you can go talk to her!

    Coptic Servent
  • Yes exactly, Coptic Servant explained it well

    You just have to make sure that you dont get influenced into changing because of her change. People do change when they get to your age and the only thing you can do is stop, break off your relationship and make new friends. I personally had the same problem when i was in the seventh grade. I had a friend and he became bad and i foollowd his change a little. However, i realized that i shouldnt be influienced like him, so i stopped and broke off our friendly relationship. By me doing this, i broke off my relationship with my close friend, but i made an even closer and bigger helpful friend, GOD.

    Good luck
    Prayu for me
    ur cuz
  • thanks 4 the advice
  • tell ur friend shes wrong tell me which one..
  • pray for your friend... and set a good example to your friend... sometimes we hold on to people that have been in our lives for so long just for the sake of it!! if u feel that what she is doing is something that tempts u stay clear... otherwise the only thing u can really do is try to set a good example and hope and pray that she understands!!!

    dont hang around if your not wanted... the worst feeling is been a burden on someone else!

    hope that made a lil sense!!! :P

    God be with you Hun!
  • I agree.

    don't be around ppl who don't want u around!

    your friend if she is egyptian then try to talk to abona about it and see what he is gonna tell u and listen to his advices! and ask about her through her parents! and try to get closer to her at church!

    if she isn't then still tell abona, and in my opinion american friends can NOT be trusted! and they change 24/7! i mean they are ppl who don't know if they are straight or bisexual! they are confused! and i really don't see what is soo confusing about it! cuz god created ADAM & EVE, not ADAM & STEVE! you can talk to them and hang out but don't trust any one too much! and your friend if she is going in one direction today, she will change tomorrow!! ;)

    and pray for her
  • she is american..
  • well....if she is american

    then u gotta be carefull around her!
  • man i had the same problem earlier with my bf well it wasnt cuz she has a boyfrnd thank god !! but other resons so we jus stopped tlkin for a while but then i relized tht if she was my bf i couldnt jus let her fall in deviles hands so i decided to go confrent her advice her and well if she dosnt listen then shes not a good frnd anymore and tht i shouldnt waste my time but thankfully she tried her best so wer tlkin now

    hope i helped
  • yeah, some will listen to u


    some will NOT care!!

    hey christiangrlforevr,
    try and see if there is a problem at her home! cuz that is how most ppl change!!! starting out from problems at home!!!
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