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  • How is the best way to choose an intercessor?

    ...what does Efnoty Nai Nan Mean?
  • i think the best way to choice an intercessor is to try them out.. sound bad but it works... i mean for me.. for example.. if u have a test or somehitn like that choice a saint so that he could help you.. and you would no by ut test results... lol

    and efnoty nai nan mean God have mercy...

    hope i helped
  • You could choose a Saint as your intercessor if their story inspires you or if you have close connections with your church patron saint. If you have a certain aspect of life which you desire to achieve in life (humility, patience, peace, etc.), you could choose a saint with that corresponding virtue.

    Hope i helped.

  • lol thanks

    My intercessor is St. Pishoy
  • umm see their miracels,,,their life..does it relate to you in any way..

    any story u enjoyed the most...

    any saint u hold as an example..and so on...

    mine is Amba Macarious (the priest who died in the mass and the bread nipped back on the altar when he was going to land on the floor)
  • i saw the movie of amba macarius' life and it was very influential on my views because of how he became so holy and blessed in the modern age (compared to the other saints and monks).

    May his blessings be with us all. Amen
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