Muslim Terrorists

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i just wanted to open up this topic about the muslim terrorists and the hasballah group.

i also wanted to ask what people think about the terrorists and if the second coming is near


  • i think they really need to get a
  • a quote from the Quran to show what fuels Hezballah's motives:

    8:17 And yet, [O believers,] it was not you who slew the enemy, [18] but it was God who slew them; and it was not thou who cast [terror into them, O Prophet], when thou didst cast it, but it was God who cast it: [19] and [He did all this] in order that He might test the believers by a goodly test of His Own or daining. [20] Verily, God is all-hearing, all-knowing!

    8:15 O YOU who have attained to faith! When you meet in battle those who are bent on denying the truth, advancing in great force, do not turn your backs on them:

    HINT: The Koran talks to the believers (the muslims) about the infidels (or in arabic "Kafara")

    Truly, when the Iranian Prez said that Islam is not a religion but also a form or government and military strategy.

  • BTW, those "bent on denying the truth" are the infidels, which are the Christians and Jews (in this case Israel).
  • i was surprised to see how many missiles and weapons the hasballah group actually had

    However, we must remeber that it is all in gods hands.
  • God bless Iran and Syria for endorsing weapons ;D
  • they are aall brain washed.. trhey belive that they will go to heaven if they kill them selves.. comon... it so stupied..
  • I heard that the second coming is near when the jews build a new alter in Jerusalem and their sacrifice is not accepted. Also Elijah and Anoch have to come. Even though many disasters are happening (part of the prophecy of the second coming) I believe Pope Shenouda said in the clergy seminar in Boston that we need all the signs to occur for the Second Coming to happen.
    As for terrorists...... May God show them their stupidity, and may He always guard us
    Forgive Me
    Yours in Christ,
  • i think that they really need to look at themselves and realize how dumb they really are. They are most definetely going to hell
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