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Hey Guys,

I am looking for the lyrics of Epouro, could some1 plz get it for me...



  • its in every book possible:
    nahdat al kaneyis
    the southern diocese liturgy book
    the tasbeha book
  • ya but where is it in the Khedmat el Shamas, some1 told me it's in Tamgeed but I couldn't find it...

  • which khidmit shamas do u have, the mlm farag one?
  • I have the Cantor Farag Abd El Messieh one AND the HUGE one by Deacon Albeer

  • In Muallima farag's book i believe it's rite after shere maria and apinap shopie

    in albair's book it's on page 467
  • Thanks a million Matt

    God bless u!

  • No prob ;D
  • ;D, Hey I have another question, where can u find diffrent fractions for occasions in Mlm Farag's book?

  • I don't think there are any fractions in those books, ::) it's a deacons service book, not a priests'service book lol

    u'll have to check a liturgy book for fractions ;)
    the seasonal fractions are usually at the back somewhere
  • i can write them out 4 u in english coptic
  • write what out??

  • the lyrics
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