A song bout ST. Mary, I forgot it's name!

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Hey all,

I am in need of assistance. I forgot the name of the song that I was looking.

The song is orginally in arabic, but I've seen it in english.

In the first part it talks about how the nail was hammered (into the had of Jesus), and how he was hanging on the Cross. I also think it said something alongthe lines of "When you (St Mary) saw him hanging on the cross..."

The last part is as follows:



(X2) indicated a repeat fo that line. As a matter of fact, every line in the hymn is repeated.

Didi that jog your memeory?

If you remmember it please let me know.


His Son


  • is this the song u r talking about, if its the 1 let me know i will send u the audio for it

    Mary, when Mary the mother saw the shepherd, and the lamb,
    the saviour of the whole world, hanging on the cross
    she said while she was weeping
    Now the world rejoices in receiving salvation
    while my heart burns as I look at your crucifixion
    Enduring for the sake of all, my Son and my God

    ÚäÏãÇ äÙÑÊ ÇáæÇáÏÉ ÇáÑÇÚì, ÇáÍãá
    ãÎáÕ ÇáÚÇáã Úáì ÇáÕáíÈ ãÚáÞÇ
    ÞÇáÊ æ åì ÈÇßíÉ
    ÇãÇ ÇáÚÇáã ÝíÝÑÍ áÞÈæáå ÇáÎáÇÕ
    ÇãÇ ÇÍÔÇÆì ÝÊáÊåÈ ÚäÏ äÙÑì Çáì ÕáÈæÊß

    there is also another song in arabic that sounds simmilar to what u wrote it is called "lama kan el dam beyenzef konty wa2fa ya hanoon"

  • Oh PrincessMary you have this song? Can I please have both audios? Thank you so much!
  • Princess Mary,

    I think that it's the one, but I need the audio to make sure.
    Is it possible to send it to me?

    That would be great.


    His son
  • here it is, its uploaded here "when mary"
    just click on download file

    this is the music only for "lama kan el dam" im quite sure i had the audio with the words as well but i cant find it at the moment i will try to upload it later if i do

    God Bless
  • this 1 is not very clear but it's the only one i could get

    [glow=red,2,300]lama kan el dam:[/glow]

  • That's the song mnc_hnn,

    Thank you princessmary, thank you mnc_hnn.

    Love & Peace

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