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hey everyone! Ok so im a deacon and with my tonya ive always gone to egypt to hav them made accordingly to my size and stuff cause u kno they have the shops in egypt and everything. ok so i wanted to know if there is anywhere anyone would know of a church or a place that does that in america! cause my tonya is getting a little short on me and im not going to egypt anytime soon so i would really like the help for anyone kk thanks alot GBU all



  • How about you just buy a pre-made one?
  • yea that would be cool too. but the churches ive seen with tonya's for sale they only had one or two and they were either huge or just for a starting deacon but if u know a church that has a biggerselection that would be awesome.
  • Tonya's come in all sizes back in Egypt, they're really cheap, if you have a relative coming down to visit, make them buy you one.
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