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Hey Guys,

I was kind of wondering about monostacism and it's requirements and how you can take that step without ever regretting..
I will start talking to my Father of Confession about that yet if I Ensha2 Allah will actually take that step I need to be prepared, however, right now in my mind I'm one step tpwards that decision yet one step out of it! Well, as you might know I still have got a couple of years but I am very intrested..



  • ;D
    hay dats good im kinda pretty interested to be a deaconess

    God Bless u
  • yea I wanna be a nun..I'm learning more about it but I'm still not sure..I heard that if your a nun or a monk or like a preist and etc. , you get a more severe judgement at the end..It kinda scared me but that's what was said. They said it's because when you're a monk for instance, you're supposed to know a lot more about god than the average person so when you sin, it's tough.. I mean, he's not gonna judge a normal person who might not know everything so well like he'd judge a nun or something..I'm hoping there's more to it than that because I really wanna be a nun

    Intresting, well I think you get a chair in heaven and you get thr Crown on Virginity, and some other crowns, as for myself I either wanna be a missionary, a monk or a Deakon.

  • ok Mike there is nothing wrong with looking to the end while at the begining but you have to keep in mind it is not as easy as just saying a word of i want to be a monk or a nun

    you have to be an expert in the Bible, history of the church and a lot more and take the step of leaving the world and all those years that you been working hard in (and as far as i remember you have to finish college first before trying to become a monk or a nun)

    i am not trying to get either of you down if it was ServantOfJesus or Mike but it takes a lot of self determination and if you guys think you got it GO FOR IT :D
  • I support your search for God's calling. I think its important to remember than religious life is a day to day process. Even if you get all the Scripture and prayer knowledge in the world, temptation is always present. Pray to God to ask what He thinks, it maybe that God is calling some of you to motherhood and fatherhood, not monastic life. This is not any less a calling. At this age, I would suggest prayer and discernment, but just like marriage, you maybe too young to decide right now. God Bless your calling, whatever He wills.
  • :)hay
    but do u have to b like that and b that strict with a deaconess i don fink so because deaconess' live in the church and go everywhere and visit people

  • Nardin,

    You have to be 65 to be a deaconess did you know that?

    If you want me to gice you more info, I'll be more than welcome to....

  • It's 60 Mike.

    Nardin, CopticChurch.Net has a whole article on deaconesses and requirements and such HERE. Feel free to check it out, it's very informative and will help clear up things for you.

    Let us give thanks: to Christ, our God; with the psalmist: David the Prophet.

    - Chris
  • u dont have to b over 60 or 65 to be a deaconess

    my cousin is 1 and she is in her early twenties

  • Not possible. They don't let young women become deaconesses because they are distractions because they are still in their youth. Read the article found in the link above. It explains everything. Maybe they made an exception for her. Highly doubtful though. Is she, God forbid, a widow?

    You know, speaking of deaconesses, girls are allowed to serve in the 1st part of the church (I think this part of the church is called "Jerusalem" - where all the deacons stand) up until age 12 or the beginning of that girl's menstruation cycles. She isn't however allowed in the altar.

    The reason for this is St. Mary. She served in the temple until age 12.

    He moved the tenth string of his harp: crying out saying: The Lord has chosen Zion: He has chosen her as a dwelling for Himself.

    - Chris
  • hay

    i went on the site thing just then no she is not a widow not even married maybe i was mistaken and she is practicing but i dont think like she came for our youth meeting n she sed she cant talk to guys mayb i dont no but she is in her early twentie with 2 other girls (deaconess')

  • Oh. Maybe she's a nun?

    His foundations are in the holy mountains: the Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob: They have said concerning you, honored things, O city of God: Alleluia.
    Zion, the mother, says: a man and a man dwelt in her: and the Most High, Himself, has laid its foundation forever: Alleluia.

    - Chris
  • she is definateley NOT a nun no way

    she goes like to peoples houses ppl that didnt go to church and stuff and she stays at St Anthonys church but she is not a nun

  • Hm. Interesting.

    Well, from what you're saying, she's doing some of the job of a consecrated deaconess. But twenties is way too young. I mean, I can understand them making an exception for 50's, but 20's? I don't know. Maybe you should ask her what exactly she is, if she's anything. She just might be a very good, loving Christian who loves to spend time in the church and helping others.

    As Jonah stayed three days in the belly of the whale: likewise, our Savior stayed three days: And after He died, they sealed the tomb.

    - Chris
  • na she wears dat fing they wear but ill ask er anyway

  • "dat fing" they wear? lol. What's "dat fing" they wear?

    - Chris
  • lol u no dat galabeya fing and the veil with the scarf
    its a creamy beige colour

  • Creamy beige?

    You mean like the color of a deacon's tonya?

    Veil with a scarf? I have no idea what in the world she is.

    - Chris
  • a deacons tonya is white

    its is beige or a creamy colour with the veil on the head with crosses and a scarf on top of that

  • Whatever she is, she's in training. The white scarf on the head with the crosses usually means she is still learning her duty and on her way to becoming whatever she is.
  • it is not white chris

    its a very lite brown or beige u no creamy colour u no the things monks wear on their head a girlie one of them and a normal scarf on top

  • Yea. Sorry. Didn't mean to type "white" I meant "beige". I know what you're talking about.
  • o k look on your picture the background of that but lighter u get it and we call er tasoni she also changed er name any ideas

  • o0o0o0o0o0o. You should have said that before!!@#!@##!@#@!

    She's a nun. lol.

    Tasoni means "Sister".

    She's a nun in training then most likely. But if her name has changed already, she might be a complete nun.

    - Chris
  • wrong again think of it monks live in monastries ye
    nuns live in convents
    she lives in a church and goes out
    nuns cant go out of the convent so she is a deaconness

  • She's not a deaconess.

    She's a nun. They don't have to live in convents. Some live in churches, temporarily more than permanently. And they are allowed to go out of the church, they aren't hermits.

    No one other than a nun, except maybe for the priest's wife (which is rare) is allowed to be called Tasoni.

    And especially the name change (unless she changed her name to like....Jose....or Carlos) means she's been consecrated by the Church. If she's in her twenties, this means she can't be a deaconess, so all that's left is a nun.

    - Chris
  • nu sorri she is not a nun
    i dont care they changed her name coz anoda won had the same name as her other 1

    no way not a nun do u want the email to aske er i ma going to send her a email now but not a nun i dont care and she also goes to schools and talks there

  • lol. PLEASE ask her.

    She probably is the most informative on what exactly she is. At this point, I have no idea in the world what she could be.

    My bet is that she's a nun. lol. But if you say she isn't....then i guess she's not. She is after all, your cousin.

    - Chris
  • WHOA! People, that is getting kinda HOT! However I am very intrested to know what she is as well and if someone has a picture of what a deaconess wears plz send it, also H.H. wears the white thing with Crosses while Bishops and Monks wear the black one...I think I'm not sure however.

  • i thought that represented a veil, The Bishops being married to the Church and the crosses representing chastity.

    In Syriac, it is called an eskimo
  • :) lol
    after our very long discussion i sent her a message CONGRATLATIONS!!! but i was rite i new she wasnt a nun she is also not in training she is just a deaconess

    (by da way i dont mean above in a bad way nice try anyway)

    God bless
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