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  • Protestants are heretics, and believe things contrary to the Truth. They also interpret the Bible incorrectly, taking passages out of context and misinterpreting them to support their heresy.

    Whilst they might be good and honest people, it is very dangerous to attend Bible study meetings with them, since it will give you an incorrect understanding of the Scriptures and faith in general.

    There is nothing wrong with having Protestant friends, collegues, etc. and talking to them. But you should not attend Protestant Bible studies or other meetings where they teach you heretical Protestant theology - the same thing goes for Catholics, JWs, Mormons, Muslims, etc.

    I guess the only exception would be if you are going to these meetings from a critical viewpoint - i.e. you're going there simply to learn what Protestants believe, but without accepting anything they teach. Just like it's ok to read the Qur'an or the Book of Mormon to see what Muslims and Mormons believe - but it would be blasphemous for a Christian to consult these books when wanting to discern the mind of God.
  • I thought it best to delete this post.
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