what should i do?

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hey all,

sorry for bothering all of you again..but am kinda stuck in a little situation here at church..i was wondering if anyone have any advice, so sayedna anba yousif recommended our pre servant teacher to be a priest for our church..and he's kinda lost and can't make up his mind and all of you guyz know its a big responsibility for a person..so we were like hanging out together today after church and he's like am gonna give everyone a present if you said no like when we vote or whatever is gonna happen..but our church really needs another priest..and i really don't know what to do cuz everyone loves mark and they told sayedna so sayedna said i know he's gonna do a great job and he's gonna be a wonderful preist too..any advice if i should say yes or no..cuz alot of our class thinks he doesn't wana be a preist and we r meeting next week after the meeting and voting together..am i don't know what to say! ??? :-\



  • Sandra, nobody can make this decision except you. You alone see this man once a week and can tell if you think he would make a responsible priest and fulfill his duties to his people. It is a very important decision and therefore you have to pray for God to help you make the it in wisdom.
  • well, i know but we don't wanna say yes and then he can't fulfil this responsibility or something..its really hard specially because the kids are like half the church so thats about 50% or even more!

  • I think that God is the only one who has a decision in that, because being a priest is not something that we choose. God picks the people who serve his name, so i think prayer is the best thing to do. You should have like a prayer meeting before the day that you vote, ask God to grant you wisdom to take the right decision.
  • do what u think would be best ;) :)

    good luck ;)
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