Where is everyone from?




    HEY guys i got a question how do u guys from egypt speak english will ?
  • hi what church do u go to i thinkn u might kno my cuzin
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    HEY guys i got a question how do u guys from egypt speak english will ?

    During school, when I was younger, we have something called ESL which is aka English Second Language, and then I began to understand better, since the day I went to an american school I got ESL until 5th grade, and than I finished! I hope I answered your question from my point of view!~

    Coptic Servent
  • you guys got esl or ell in egy ?????? wow nice seriously i feel like i dont live on earth
  • No I learned English here, not in Egypt, I had no ESL in Egypt they just had classes sometimes for us!

    Coptic Servent
  • where u at now ???/ ug ??? ::)h im sooooo lost lol ???
  • man ... .i been everywhere man.. i am orginaly from al miniya, egypt then i moved to New york then i moved to ohio but now i am residing in MIA!!( miami for those ppl that are slow)... Go heat... lol
  • nice..well..i am from ..sohag and alexandria..smooha :S...and now living in Australia Sydney eva since i was two..

    3la fekra...3gbani el 3raby el ento betkalemo..LAZEZA AWII!

  • im from brooklyn ny, and i go to astoriac, queens church
  • I'm from Torrance, Ca
  • im from Oz aka: Australia!! woohooo ders a few of us around ey! i go to St Abanoub Church in Sydney... man i wana go melbourne :(

  • I am eriny i am originally from Assuit, Egypt and now I live in Ohio in the U.S.
  • i lived in elmina for 9 years than i moved to NY for 2 years then to OHIO for another 2 years and now i have been living in FL for 3 years and counting
  • Hey no one here is from CANADA?!! :o well... im from Canada, Mississauga St, Mary and St. Athanasius all the way!!!!!!!!!
    im from Shobra and masr el gedeeda in egypt ;)
  • hey arsani401
    I think i know u from Ohio. My name again is Eriny, I don't know if you would remember me, but I know u and ur family.
  • hey i used to lived in ohio too, everyone in ohio needs to move its way too cold over there, florida is much better :)
  • haha im kind of late but thought i would post anyway, umm i was born in ny and went to st abraam in long island and then moved to maryland at st mary's church about a yr ago im loving it lol
  • born in assuit, moved to canada when i was 6. living in oakville ontario (close to toronto and mississauga). I go to Ti Agia Maria and St. Demiana.
    nice to see so much diversity

    God bless.
  • Orlando Fl. Home of Disney World ;) :) :) :) :)
  • [quote author=minagir link=board=11;threadid=4165;start=15#msg58270 date=1154030703]

    [move][glow=blue,2,300]First Church in the US.[/glow][/move]

    :P ;D.

    Is that Father Abram's church? I LOVE him!! I listen to his sermons all the time!
  • I have lived in Alex till I became 5 years, and after that till now I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So I am now 13 years in Amsterdam

  • born in egypt n came to australia wen i was 3
    im amazed at the diversity, this is awesome
    God bless u all
  • hi everyone,
    i moved from fiji if anyone heard of that ....south pacific islands...to Australia Brisbane and i go to St Mary and St Joseph church, calamvale. I am dying to go to the monasteries in eygpt. :)
  • im from down under, Melbourne in Australia. They say its the place to be , nd da reason 2 dat is obvious......cause im here :P
    lol,jk. anyways guys have a good one
  • habib el-rab which church do u go to coz i`m from melbourne as well
  • Ay, im from melbourne too and i go to saint bishoys
  • im from Staten Island Ny and i used to go to St. Mark's Jersey City now i go to St. Mina Holmdel ;)
  • i dont remember if i replied to this or not so here.. i am orignaly from El minya (THE SAEED) egypt,, lol.. so yah i am saeedy.. then i moved to NY.. i used to go to St. George Astoria. then i mooved to ohio where i use to go to st mary in columbus then no wi go to st john the baptist in MIAMI!
  • Hey im from jersey city NJ , St George and St Shenouda.
    [move]2nd church in the US, lol[/move]
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