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Hello I'm new here, my name is Heidi and i'm 14. My friend told me about this site. I'm extremly excited to get started! :)


  • welcome aboard Heidi,

    Hope to hear your input about the issues arising in the site's forums.

    God Bless,
  • [move][glow=red,2,300]WELCOME!!!!![/glow]![/move]
    Heidi..nice name ;) i know you will LOVE THIS SITE

  • Welcome ;D
  • hiiiii welcome to the site i am kkinda new too. lol so where do u live an what church do u go too.?? ifu dont mind me asking well welcome aboad ok
  • Welcome Heidi, I hope you enjoy this site and enjoy the threads, feel free to ask any questions, and we'll be happy to answer...well, I would!

    Coptic Servent
  • MEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOO..welcome Marena...
  • I from michigan. I have sort of Drifted away from my church. I went when i was Younger. about 9 or 10 but now i only go on holidays and i don't always go on holidays either. Sometimes i'll go to the one in chicago or Ohio. But MY church is St. Mark in michigan. Sooo yea so far so good here. :)
  • Thanx charitablesoul for doing that for me :) my computer wasn't working very well. Ha i've been here for a couple of days and i've already made a friend. I love it here. :) thankyou
  • anytime. If you need anything Heidi just let me kno. ;D
  • hi im new tooo :D i really am going to like this site but can i ask anyone of u something how do u make a post?? ??? thankx
  • oops meant a topic :D
  • hehe..u go on the foum u want and if u see that in the page bar...there is this signal that says NEW TOPIC prss on that..and away you go!!
  • Welcome Heidi i know you will definitly enjoy this website the way everybody else does

    God Bless and Pray for me
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