st cyril liturgy....

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there are some errors in the record of st cyril liturgy by the higher institute of coptic studies on this site,it is like jumping from part to part and from hymn to hymn,
so i was wondering if anyone has a good recording for it.


  • First there is no errors on the litrugy. that is how it was recorded. may be you see that because there is 2 versions of the liturgy. first one is one that skips all the litanies and goes straight to "Meet and right". the other one is the FULL original litrugy that is written on the southern diocese litrugy book if you can check it out.
    (except is there is other problems with the file themselves)

    Alos there is a lot of controversy about the recording for the Liturgy in general because basicly the litrugy is in fact LOST. so what abouna mettias did is that he have a committee of coptic music instructers that read about the history of the church and it's alhan and liturgies and check if there is any connection between them and St. Cyril's liturgy. and than based on that, them develop the tunes for the hymns. a lot of deacons against the idea of recording the litrugy but i think it's all nonsense. one reason is that the litrugy IS IN FACT for priest to pray with. we have our normal alhan and responses. so if there is really a fight abou the litrugy, it's not our fight, it's the clergy (which is also nonsense). second, i think somthing that is approved by HICS is batter than anything else around.
  • i didn`t said that i doubt any thing in that liturgy.cotrary,i adore it,it is my most fav one.what i said that there is some errors and i am sure.i had it recorded on tapes.the errors are like in the middle of a hymn said by abouna mettias i found a deacon response coming then abouna`s voice comes again.i can send you the record i have from the HIOC but it has alot of noise,that`s why i was searching for a clearer record.try to hear track 4 and see if there sre errors or not.
  • oh, ok than. i wasn't attcking you or anything, :D. so which track 4 exactlyy?
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