I cant download anything?

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Hello everyone, I am new registered memeber to this website and it is very very nice. But when I try to go listen to a Sermon or Gospal it wants to download a file playlist.sml and I cant play anything. I am running winamp and windows media, I dont know what else to do. Please help I would love to listen to everything on this website. Please Help!!

God Bless


  • i recommend that you install realplayer. if u see a few forums before i posted up something and i received the real player link. all the files on this website work on real player.
  • Hey, someone asked me about this before, I only just noticed this thread, but I worked out a while ago how to download to .smil files. It's a bit confusing, but here is the message I sent the user explaining how to do it:
    Ok, I think I worked out how to download it. Here's the steps I did:
    I right-clicked the play button next to the word SMIL and chose "Save-As" and saved the file "Modules.php" to my desktop. I opened Modules in Notepad, and it contained the following URL: http://media.coptichymns.net:8080/ramgen/coptichymns/liturgies/Coptic_Funeral_Service/Coptic_Funeral_Hymns_(M_Sadek_and_M_Khalaf).smil

    I then downloaded this file using FlashGet, as outlined in the post I made on this forum.

    Once I had the .SMIL file saved on my computer, I opened it with notepad. It appeared to contain the two following links:
    These are links to two other .SMIL files.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to open the second .SMIL file and got an error when attempting to do so. However, the URL's seem to suggest they are the same file. Let's focus on the first .SMIL file for now, and if it doesn't work, I'll try and work something out.

    Ok, so download the first .SMIL file [The one starting with rtsp] to somewhere you will remember [Use FlashGet to download it if your webbrowser can't save it somewhere on your computer for you].

    Once you have it downloaded, open it with notepad. You should see the following information:
    <audio src=\"/coptichymns/intro.rm\"/>
    <audio src=\"sadek_funeral.rm\"/>
    <audio src=\"/coptichymns/exit_44.rm\"/>
    <ref src=\"/coptichymns/audio_stream.jpg\" fill=\"freeze\"/>
    Alright, now, looking at the audio files we see it says:
    What does this mean? Well, src means source, as in the source of the file. Now, the \ at the front meants only the first part of the URL is counted.
    That is the link to the SMIL file. To the get "intro" audio, we take the first part, and add "/coptichymns/intro.rm" onto it.
    I.e. we take rtsp:// and make it rtsp://
    Then we download this using FlashGet. After listening to it we see this is just the introduction. Obviously we want all the audio, so we repeat these steps for all the sound files, as well as the JPG file if you want the picture. Then, once you have all the files, put intro.rm and exit_33.rm into a folder named "coptichymns", then, have "sadek_funeral.rm" in the same folder as the second .SMIL file you downloaded. Then, just open the .SMIL whenever you want to view it just as it is on the web.

    This probably sounds a bit confusing, and I know that it was very confusing trying to figure out what to do, so I'll upload it all together, set up properly for you, and give you a link to a website asap.

    These holidays, God permissing, I will download all the video files, change the format to an easier to download format, and host them on a seperate site for people to download. I'll post a link here once I have
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