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i was just wondering is the origin of this site American? the time is all wrong and is there any way for me to fix it to Australian timing????

by the way its not important but it would be nice!



  • To change the time displayed for posts etc, click the button at the top that says "profile", then scroll down to the section titled "Preferences". Then change the "Time Offset" by the amount of time the forum differs from your time. For example, in my profile menu, it currently says "Current forum time: 09:01:26 AM", however for me it is currently 11PM [Roughly], therefore I would put +14 in the "Time Offset" box.

    As to the location of this site:
    United States - Michigan - Garden City - Idt Hck Colocation
  • Wait a minute.. isn't the base of this site St.Mark's Church in Jersey City, NJ?
  • Perhaps the site is maintained and edited by the members of St. Mark's Church in Jersey City but the actual content of the site may be hosted on a server in Michigan. The IP address of this site is:
    Looking this up on whois.com: http://whois.domaintools.com/
    We get the following information:

    Record Type: IP Address
    Cached Whois: 2006-06-18
    IP Location: United States United States - Michigan - Garden City - Idt Hck Colocation
    Reverse DNS: tasbeha.org
    Blacklist Status: Clear

    I checked the time in Michigan and compared it to the time listed on this forum as well, and it was pretty much spot on.
  • thanks that helped ALOT!! :o
  • Hello

    Well thanks WMA you have been most helpful.

    I have managed to change my time and am now displaying the correct time!! Iam no longer behind (not literally!!)

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