Departure Abouna Matta El Meskeen

I dont know if this has been posted, but i because i hadnt seen anyone else post i thought i would let you know about the passing of Abouna Matta El Meskeen. He left our world on June 8 2006. He was the head of St Macarius monastery and very instrumental in different facets of our Church. He had also written many books that many of us would have read from. There are 2 pictures at this site of his tomb, and body just before it was interred -->
He was buried immediately so only the monks would attend his funeral.

I also came across this article the other day, about the ego, written by Abouna Matta El Meskeen. It is certainly a worthwhile read and must be understood to help advance our spiritual life. May we recieve the benefits from these wise words.

Rabana Maak


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