How to download videos

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does anyone know how to download the videos


  • well i know you must have real player...simply press on the link or wateva and do save..and from real player, you have to browse until u find the area in which u saved it...

    if that is what ur looken for.. :-\
  • video's cant be downloaded
  • umm cant they be saved as on ur computer... :-\ ???
  • Video's can be downloaded from this site in the following way:
    Download this program called FlashGet from

    Then, go to the page of the video you want to download [The one that has the "play" button] and right-click the word play, and choose "Save-Link as..." it should ask you where you want to save a file called "Index.php", save this somewhere you will remember. Once you've saved it somewhere, right-click it and choose "Open With" and select "notepad" from the list. There should be a URL in there, similar to this one: rtsp://
    Launch the program you installed earlier [FlashGet] and choose "Jobs" then "New Download...". For the URL, copy and past the one you got from the Index.php file earlier [the one that is similar to rtsp://].
    Then just hit the "Ok." button and your download should start. By default, it will download the file to the directory C:\Downloads.

    If you find these instructions too confusing, or do not trust the information I've told you, just let me know what video you want, and I'll download it myself and put it somewhere where you can easily download it from.
  • WOW, thankyou very much. :)
  • thx alot WMA ,this really helps :D :D :D
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