You are the potter

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You are the potter, I am the clay, mold me and make me each and everyday according to your way
anyone know where i can find this song?


  • wow!
    sorry, but this is a first....
    PrincessMary is asking for a hymn.

    if you dont have it i doubt anyone will
    but i will see if i can find it.

  • lol, you are so funny
    no you see i have much arabic taraneem on my computer but i hardly have any english
    GBU 2 :)
  • looooooll u r hilarioussss

    i think this song is soo nice 'although i don no it' cos the words r soo sweeeet
  • i have a song about this topic but i am not sure if the words are the is in arabic.if you want it send me your email so i can mail it to you as it is very big file (3.34 MB)
  • hey PrincessMary

    i found the hymn you are looking for

    i have put it on megaupload

    it is called
    Change my heart O God

    im pretty sure its what you're looking for

  • thank you so so so much :)
  • you're welcome PrincessMary
    and considering all the hymns you have provided all this time, its a small repayment of the debt i feel i oweyou

  • hey mg is that song on its own or have you got a whole cd?

    if yes i'd like to hear the rest of the songs cos i really liked this one plzzz


  • hey mnc
    no, i dont have the CD, or album, i just found this song for princessmary at her request

    btw, you can always message me on msn like you always do ya tohfa

  • tayeb ya extra tohfa
  • i can't download it. it says "This file has expired due to inactivity."
    can someone send it to me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???
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