liturgy day....

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i have a question but i don't know how to express myself
going to church like a routine no spiritual in it
i was on one of the website for the first time discovering that there is
Psalms on the Way to and Inside the Church didn't know that before
after you do that part
what other things you guys do?
for example someone told me you know the time between taking the body then you have to wait to take the blood between that time instat of waiting and wondering around pick up the Agypia and read few pslams just to keep your mind from wondering around with thoughts
also you know when the priest or the deacon reading the Matins and the Gospels and the others readings on every liturgy
someone told me to read the bible while abouna praying the readings
so i was just wondering if you guys do others practical exercises to help you to be in the spiritual mood and benefit from going to church.
you know guys what i mean
so hope to hear from you guys


  • i think it begins from the night before you are going to church.try to sleep early ( don`t stay late watching T.V. ;)) before sleeping,you can have a little prayer or sing a song that deeply affect you.during the way to church try not to talk to much with people and concentrate at what who are going to meet ,our lord jesus can also try praying the famous psalms ( psalm 27 "The LORD is my light and my salvation" & psalm 122 " I was glad when they said to me ").this help you alot in forgetting all thoughts coming to your mind and focusing in the prayers.during lutrigy,you can use a book in which the prayers are written ( and by the way, i don`t support the idea of using the agpia during the mass unless it is "the hours" prayer as everything has its time ).try to forget all your problems and leave them till the liturgy is finished,always say there is enough time to think about this issues but no is not the right time,now is my time to meet with god.
    hope that i have helped you a little.
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