Why is it only religion?

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I have an issue that's been concerning me so I will just say it...and if anyone has something that agrees with me or disagrees...you are welcome to say it...
Well to start of with my first question is why does the church only cares about the religion point in our lives. Should God only be in our spiritual life and nothing else or should we include him in everything is. For instance...most of the coptic churches in Egypt and everywhere is have a youth group and everything and they might gather once in a while to talk about "spiritual issues" but I never see the church gets involved in the individual life. It might just be a culture thing...but why can't the church change that...why can't the church be open not only for spiritual views but for everything that concerns us. Why are we never taught about sex, love, relationships and so on and so on...the church is very good in saying no that's wrong that's wrong...but it does a really poor job in teaching us...so what's right...so how do we deal with life if everything around us is wrong.
I am not saying anything about the church or trying to be little it...but I am trying to face reality...so many young people AROUND THE WORLD in coptic churches are leaving the churches..are going astray and so many things are happening...and we just keep ignoring it like we are living in the most perfect socities of all...wake up we are not perfect we are just trying to reach something (heaven) and leaving so many behind.
I was raised well...I went to church for my whole life and still I am...and there is thousands like me...but inside all of us...there is a lot of questions...and it doesn't just concern...how do i reach heaven...


  • sorry marinne but i don`t agree with you.i live in egypt, and i can asure you that it is not like the way you say.we make many conferences for youth where most of them are concerned with the life of each indiviual and the world around us.we talk freely about every and anything.we have also carnavals where we learn some topics one of which must talk about engagement, marrige, relations with other sex and their limits.
    but along with all this we have to connect god with everything in our lives,because if we didn`t hear about god and the opinion of religion about this topics in the church,where can we hear it from?!!
    shall we get our knowledge from media and t.v. and the surronding cultures.i think if we do so we will be lost.so we must relate every issue with religion and our spiritual life, and don`t forget that these issues may be very dangerous to our spiritual life if it is handled in a wrong way.
    hope i have helped you,and sorry from my long long reply.
  • Christians are not dualists, dividing our lives between the spiritual and secular.

    Every moment of our lives must be lived with the awareness of God, and all our decisions must be made by considering His command.

    How we understand God, the nature of man, life after death, slavation, etc. will effect the way we live our lives, so they certainly have a practical application.

    Of course, what an individual priest or teacher might wish to teach his people is entirely up to him, and will vary from parish to parish, community to community. If you feel that certain topics are not addressed, you should bring it to his attention and ask whether something can be done about it.
  • The church only cares about our spiritual lives because thats the only thing that will last after death. Anyone that makes a treasure on earth will lose it and anyone that makes a treasure in heaven will gain it

    The Bible says that this world is not for us, we are not from this world ....therefore we are going to be strangers to it and thats why you will see everyone doing stuff that our Church says that it is wrong.

    And also my church talked about sex, relationship, and so on...like so many times and just a few weeks ago we were talking about The new movie the de Vinci code ..so we do have outside talks rather then spiritual talks only.
  • do not worry about others but rather your spiritual life because everything has a time under heaven and God has a plan for each one

    What kind of religion is that if we only care about ourselves...we are all living in one society one world...the heck with them...at time they will say the same thing...the heck with us.
    Anyway...I guess it's just my opnion.
  • sorry i misleaded that .....i was thinking about the time when Fr. Makkar asked the Lord why this people are rich and why this people are poor and so on and the Lord told him that God has a plan for them all
  • i will also delete this part because it does sound unchristain
  • Why concern yourself with this nonsence? Our lives are supposed to be for God and what He reveals to us is His doing..."For everything there is a time"

    we shouldn't respond to society in a positive fashion because God Himself told us to "take the narrow gate, for broad is the gate that leads to distruction"

    Any further questions that God hasn't answered in the Bible should be asked to your FOC
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