please help

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Please pray for my fiance she is a wreck with exams starting tommorow i have talked her out of a nerveous episode she is putting too much pressure on herself.Her name is christina and she is from alexandria egypt i love her dearly and want her to just relax .I told her put a cross on the exam say a prayer and just let god guide her but some extra prayers from my brothers and sisters in chist would surely help..


  • [u]trusting in god[/u], don't worry just ask her to ask for the intersscion of her patron saint and pray and she'll go really well. by the intresseicon of St.Mary & Anba Samuel the Confessor she'll go really well hopefully. Ill pray for her and God be with you & her.

  • Just prayedd for her :D lol,, the worst thing she can do is stress! there are lots of things you can do
    (like breahing excersises, etc.) before an exam to help yourself calm down, but ii believe that the most powerfull thing you can do is pray, leave it up to God & He'll do whats best.
    +God Bless
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