Da Vinci Code

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This is a MAJOR FAITH ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think about the Da Vinci Code????

What does our church say as Coptic Orthodox??????

I for one think this is a heracy against the Church and Christ Himself!!!!!! Lots of people i know are reading it and believing it and i dont like it.


  • Many people are converting even though they know it's false, and many people are believing in it, I'm actually thinking about reading it, I just thought I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, I'll read it in the Summer, but I know for sure I'm not going to believe in it--or else I will make a promise not to believe in it!

    Coptic Servent
  • Petros: There is another thread on this topic if you would like to see the views of other people.

    Coptic Servant: I'm glad you are taking this belief in reading it and not judging it because i think we as Christians should read it to defend ourselevs against hertics and Atheists, and all those people who do not believe in God. Also, the thing with people saying, It's like a cigarette and we do not need to read it because it is bad, is completely wrong! If we are the Christians we say we are...this book will have no affect on us but only make us stronger in the faith...and i just started reading this book last night, and it is really interesting...at least the part i have read...good luck and God be with you all
  • but not everyone has strong faith to not be moved if they (?) read the book.. and some or all who think they will not be moved are moved.. Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall..

    but I dont know if it will affect your faith..
  • Actually, despite the book painting Opus Dei as a dark, evil organisation, they have been flooded with membership enquiries.

    It seems that the people who believe it are those who had no faith anyway, and those who were genuinely searching have become even more interested in finding the truth. Of course, anyone who does wish to know the truth does not have to look very far to see that the book is false in all its claims.

    So it seems the book has actually been positive in some ways for the Catholic Church (no such thing as bad publicity it seems).

    That being said, the book is blasphemous and, as such, evil. Christians should not watch the film or buy the book because that puts money into Dan Browns, already fat, pocket.

    Meanwhile, the Church should continue to educate its members about the truth to combat this rediculous piece of propaganda.
  • I read the book, and i find nothing in it faith shattering. If anything, it strengthened my faith. Why strengthen? Well, if you read the book and think, "Is this the best they could come up with against the church?" then you think the best they have is nothing. It not even made me consider looking into the history about opeis dei or any of that historical background. I knew it was garbage from the beginning. Why I liked the book: It was good action, and a great mystery, even if it revolved around heresies. I liked how the story developed, and not necessarily what they said in it.

    I dont understand why my priest is telling us not to see the movie or read the book, it really is just fiction like everything else we watch. Sure its heretical, but it doesnt mean just by watching it we also will become heretics. And Coptics are far from weak-minded, so I dont think the priests think it will destroy our faith.
  • hello all
    everyone has said something and i would like to add my 2 cents worth to give you a bit more to think about...

    im not sure if this came up in your particular parish or Church or with your priests etc...
    but remember when the Harry Potter books came out?

    a similar fuss was made, not as much because it was not a direct attack against the Christian faith, but because it focused on magic and devils and demons.

    The Bible clearly states that we should steer clear away from such things and have nothing to do with them, but then again, it is tool of entertainment and is fiction.

    all this will blow over in a short time

    the book is a work of fiction, and although i did not do the research personally, it seems some of the "facts" in the book do not exist, such as buildings and locations.

    remember that the greatest trick the devil ever achieved was to convince people he did not exist.

    these things exist, just treat them as you would any story of fiction
    but if you feel unable to control yourself, do not read it so your faith is not weakened.

    i read it as rony did and found no flaws in my faith

    trust your faith and work on making it grow

    GBU all

    ps: sorry for the long post
  • Hello to all,
    I haven't read all the posts on this topic...or I actually stopped reading them as soon as I got to the part where someone said they are planing on reading the book. I just want to make you aware of an announcement that was made at my church a couple of weeks ago where the servants and the priest of the church adviced everyone NOT to read the book NOR watch the move and polute their mind with such information (this is also coming from sevants who are VERY knowledgable and well-rounded). There is a verse in the Bible that goes something like this, "he who increases in knowledge, increases in grief" (paraphrased--not sure where it is). The servants have concluded that this is the work of enemies of Christianity as a response to the Passion of the Christ that came out last year (or the year before --- can't remember). They were just furious at the response of that movie so they're attacking it with that movie.

    So if the priests and servants with their knowledge and strong faith choose not to read it, then why should I the less knowledgable and week in faith choose to read it willingly?! (just a point to ponder -- may God strengthen all our faith and keep His church standing strong)
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