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Anybody going to convention...and if so which one and if you happen to know who are your bishops that will be joining you? and Finally, why do you want to go to convention?

For Me:
1. I'm going to MCOYC in BGSU
2. The bishops joining us this year Anba Moussa, Anba Antonious Morocs, and God willing and hopefully Anba Angelos...and possibly one more Bishop
3. I want to go to convention because i enjoy the freedom we get, like no parents i guess, i like the lectures, and the free time is fun too!


  • hey well i'm going to the mcoyc in ohio and i don't know the bishops who are going, but i like the convention because it's fun like with the free time, i get to see lots of copts my age, the lectrures, and bible studies too. ;D

    God, thanks a lot tanios now u got me hyper for convention! lol jk
  • lol anytime...what church you go to?
  • hahahaa they dont alow us to have conventions anymore we get kicked out of everwhere we go
  • Posted by: cop Posted on: Today at 12:24:28am
    hahahaa they dont alow us to have conventions anymore we get kicked out of everwhere we go

    lol so do we but we get kicked out of the campsites lol
    but that sucks you dont have it anymore

    PopeKyrillos: I go to St. Mark's and St. Bishoy's of Chicago in Burr Ridge, Illinois
  • cop, you don't happened to have gone to the conventions with bishop youssef, have you?
  • noppe i live in california ahah our every generation has a story about how a convention went horibly wrong lol
  • Posted by: cop Posted on: Today at 06:52:02pm
    noppe i live in california ahah our every generation has a story about how a convention went horibly wrong lol

    lol my first convention, I get food poisoning, lol a kid is thrown through a window, a fight breaks out on the dorm floor, lol it was great...this all happened in one yr...i also spent my entire convetnion in my room
  • ahah those are simple things, boy do i have stories lol
  • lol share at least one
  • ya cop share some please i want to laugh! ;D
  • ya bakhtokoh... dah raye7 convention wel tany raye7 retreat wel tany raye7 mosh 3arfah eh....... ana ma2darsh atla7la7 fee ay makan la2eny medabesah fee shoghly. yalah... 7ezooz... elmohem ya gama3ah enokoh tesalooly la2eny b'amanet el youm dah, ana nefsy 3al sanah el gaeyah aroo7 khelwah.

    guys ur soooooo lucky!! many are going to conventions, others are going to retreat! i can't move a muscle from where i am.... i got stuck working this summer. but please, brothers and sisters, pray for me because i would really like to go to a retreat by next year. there is nothing more beautiful and nourishing to my spirit than meditating on God and His Word. God bless u all. :)

    salam :D
  • hahaha MCOYC was GREAT this year!! Mike Tanious!! it's vina from wi... whats going on? Pope Kyrillos who r u?? so Mike, u were amazing as Joseph =]
  • I have a question, who went to mcoyc because I went, and I didn't know any of you at all, but the penal and social discussions were great from all churches!

    Coptic Servent
  • thanks vina....Coptic Servant: I'm from St. Mark's in Chicago we did the panel on purity and the play was a modern day Joseph...and i was Joseph
  • Wait, you were Joseph, really, I never knew that, you did a fantastic job, if you recognise me, I was from Minnesota-name is Nansy, we did Euthanasia for Penal, but we didn't get to do the social, hopefully next year, God willing, we will~ you did an awesome job, everyone from Minnesota, enjoyed the punk'd idea, great job! Congratulations on winning, you all did a fantastic job! I liked how you took the real story of Joseph and transferred it into instead of Pharoah you made the president, and I liked how you also took Anthony and transferred him into like 4 different characters, and also at Convention, it was my first year along with a lot of people too, my favorite part about Convention was the lectures by Anba Antounis Marcos, and Anba Moussa, for the younger ages, like from 13-14 we got a lecture from Anba Moussa about the pitcher and the 2 cups, it was amazing!

    Coptic Servent
  • Anyone live in New York Conneticut or New Jersey??
  • ya :D duhh lol so does mjoe80,jesusluvsu,georgeouslykool,and christiangrl4eva
  • i went 2 years ago.... to mccoyc but my memory sucks so i dont remember names just faces... lOl
  • lol.. i went to mccoyc, laura from st. mark's, in detroit, michigan..
    hey I know u guys, nansy, (I spelled your name right this time!) n vina..
    mtanious, u were Joseph? ur skit was awesome.. But detroit is better! ;) na they were both great, and yours was planned out better than ours.

    n I also agree.. that lecture w/the pitcher of water and cup.. was really cool. It actully made a lot of sense

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