mama 3reft menek

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does anyone know where i can find the song, "mama 3reft menek" it goes: mama 3reft menek 7ekayet yaso3 wet3alemt zayek a7eb yasoa3, tarnemtee....something something...wesalaty bekhso3....something something
as you can see, i don't remember how it goes, so please if anyone knows where i could listen to it in arabic, that would be great, thanx


  • i have the words but i cant find the audio for it anywhere if i find it later i will post it

    Mama 3reft Minek

    1- (Mama 3reft minek hekayet yasoo3
    we et3alemt zayek aheb yasoo3) (2)
    tarenmty we hekayty we salaty be kheshoo3
    (konty ya mama kinesty we ingeely el masmoo3) (2)

    2- (3ala eydy el yemeen rashamty el saleeb
    we fe alby hafarty mezwad lel maseeh) (2)
    sowt el hak minek 3ash yenbod fee alby
    (sowt kowy beyetrod kol shar miny) (2)

    3-(min 3eyny masahty demoo3y we ta3aby
    lama yedo2 alby albak beyesma3nee) (2)
    we fee lahzet hemomy betsheleeha enty
    (lama basnid rasy 3ala sedrek ya omy) (2)
  • thank you so much :D
    I really need the audio too...thanks again!
  • hey
    i know its been a while but i happened to come across the song u were looking for.... here is the audio
    just click where it says download file
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