Multimedia Problem

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I'm having problems listening to anything, it doesn't matter if i streamline them or download them neither works.

1. Operating System
Windows XP
2. Browser you are using and version
3. The exact error message you get if any.
MMJB.EXE - Entry Point Not Found
4. What file you were trying to download.
no files are working


  • Hey MJ,

    I'm guessing that MMJB is music match juke box? Some file in your music match folder is corrupt. Reinstalling the progam should repair the problem. However, if you aren't too attatched to music match, I would suggest getting a different media player. Music match is slow and bulky. is a place where you can get a great free media player (won't play real media files unless you get the plugin). Tell me how it works.

  • Move them to Windows media player or Itunes?
  • thanks for the advice. i downloaded winamp now all s good
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