Last time you were in Egypt and what you miss

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Im starting this thread because i am very interested in hearing your replies. I want to know when you were last in Egypt, and what you miss the most (religiously and otherwise).

I'll start with myself. I was last in Egypt in 2002. Religously i miss the Monastery of Mari Mina and Baba Kyrillos in Mariout. Non-religously, i miss the people, going to roxy, solomon pasha, horaya mall, the egyptian museum, and of course THE FOOD :D..

So what do you guys miss the most from Egypt??


  • matt hey....i really like this topic...

    okaiie...i was in egypt...umm 8 months ago...yep so not long ago...

    okaiie..religous wise...i must admit that we didnt go church very often ..but i went to 20 plus monestries...and i definetly miss all of them...

    okaiie...the other things i miss...

    here i go:

    the way everyone stays up late and enjoys life...
    how you can simply become friends with people by simplely having a conversation on the street with any random person
    the way everyone is a community..and there is no ' egyption comm.' or greek comm.'
    the way everyone treated me like i was somesort of celebrity
    the way everyone enjoyed a laugh

  • the last time i visited egypt was i think the summer of 2004. I do miss all the monastaries i think thats the coolest thing about egypt...especially the monastary of st mary in gabal el tyr ( i believe it was in el menya) and i like the mokattam cave church as well, monastaries of wady el natroun, st paul and st anthony (red sea), and deyr abu makarius/makar (somewhere near cairo), and the ancient churches in cairo ( el me3alaka, st george greek monastary (that has st george's chains, and iron sandals full of nails that he wore)

    of course i miss my cousins....and the beaches there are cool
    and i like how every1 can just walk in the streets and have fun, like here if some1 walks in the street every1 would stare at him and theres no people on the road after 9 pm

    oh also people there are so funny especially if they know u r from america they will make u either speak english or read something in english just to see how cool ur english accent is

    what i dont miss however is that egyptian guys have problems with every woman walking on the street and hit on women at a rate of 10 guys per second, i dont understand have they never seen women before
    i have lived in egypt for like 7 years, i think its a great country but i definetly wouldnt want to live there, but i think its very nice to visit
  • I definetly agree with PrincessMary; the guys are a little scary. They hit on everyonnne! Their pick up lines are soo funny though, so its kinda entertaining.

    Last time I went to Egypt was in 2002, and i miss it like craZZyy, especially:

    - cousins/ family/ friends
    - microbus/ za metro
    - crazy taxi drivers
    - donkeys/ za 7antoors
    - the sheikhs prayers @ 5 AM! :P (lol)
    - the loud busy streets
    - dora meshwy
    - fresh mango and asab juice
    - MoNasTarieS
    - pyramids
    - late night camel rides
    - 'asr el nile'
    - their broken down apartments
    - maya ma3dineya (since we couldnt drink their water)
    - realllllly cheap hairdressing
    - Sharm el sheikh, Hurghada, and marsa matruh
    - & the fact that when you tell anyone your from abroad they get so amused ;D :)
  • haha :D Not ALL Egyptian guys are that bad, but you're right there are some who are. Anyway, i forgot to add two things to my list - also the fact that you can go out and have fun to really early in the morning (and everywhere remains open), and (only after being reminded by Maryann23_©oP†) the asir usab bars on every corner ;D
  • This is the cutest topic in the world, thank you so much for making it Matt88, it's very energizing, and makes me feel like I'm in Egypt!
    I Miss-----
    THE ZOO,
    Taking Pictures,
    The hot weather,
    The Ice Cream shops
    The snacks shops
    The soda/pop shops

    Coptic Servent
  • I forgot the Churches and ASEIR ASAB-Sugar Cane Juice and Sugar Canes---YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    Coptic Servent
  • I really love egypt the life over there is so easy going and stress free. i also miss my family over there. lastly but definitly not least are the churches and monestaries. i love the atmosphere in the churches over there. it is just unexplainable.
  • Do u guys wanna know the last time i waz there? Before i came here so thats like1999-2000. I remember well tho i miss how we had a church 5 minutes away in every direction and u can walk it my parents say i luved the monastaries. I like that all the churches had activiites.
    I miss
    my family and friends
    guava !!!!!!!!
    alol the fruits
    cheap stuff that would be real expensive here
    all my houses in egypt
    the hospital my mom was a dentist at
    dora mashwe
    walking!here no one gets excersice and ur decare a hobo if u walk
    u know everyone
    the beaches/weather
    and the ice cream shop
    belila wa laban
    tamia ok dats enough
    i dont miss people spitting and coughing everywhere u turn
  • I don't know where to start..of course i missed my family soooooooo much i haven't seen them for 2 years now..but i might be going at the end of this summer but anyways i missed how i used to walk with my friend to church 6 in the morning and runaway from the dogs and screem and wake up el share3 kolo. and also i missed my whole church and deer el anba i remmeber i used to go there every sunday(well not really everysunday but like every other sunday) and also el ta7ona and going to get ice cream men 3ala awel el share3 and getting annoyed by the guyz in the street and THE LEBB..omg i love!

    umm..what else..oh yea, how in the 3eed we used to get bomb and stand fel balakona and throw it on people and scare them..which was the best part of the 3eed and also going to mo3askarat ma3 el kashafa..i don't know jhow to say that in english but we used to go to conventions to el shar2ya and ride she7ebar(it was a donkey owned by the deer keeper) man that doneky stincked soo bad, i was riding it once and it was going into the lake and i remember i kept onscreaming and saying yalahwyy hamoot..ya ebn el 7alal erga3 and everyone was just going crazy trying to control the donkey and they were laughing ..i don't know did he have to go shower when i am riding it..offf! man i love this topic it brings back memories!

    well..lemme think about some more stuff because i have to go study for finals this week..i need your prayers!

  • Was in Sinai for two days a couple of weeks ago. I got to visit the Monastery of St Catherine which is built on the site of the burning bush (which is still growing there). I was going to climb Mount Sinai as well, but the police rang us and told us we were not permitted because there had just been a terror attack in Dahab, which was close by.

    Even though I was only there for a very short while, I will still miss the people (the Beduin were really nice), the monastery and just the place in general - very beautiful.
  • Last summer

    All the monistarys
    The smell of strong bocure (smoke stuff)
    The nice monks and prists

    tata nadia
    rest of the family
    smell of the air
  • i dont miss Egypt, i miss my family and friends but NOT Egypt.. lol
  • lol Hizz_chiilld.. If i didnt have egypt to think about everyday my life would be very very empty.. lol..

    Anyway, i was also going to ask if anyone knows of a english magazine in Egypt called "teenstuff" i used to get it when i was there, and so im just wondering if any of you ever saw it??

    Rabana Maak.

  • I dont blame hizz child , i miss my family and that orthodoxy was such a big part of.... wel everthing, but yeah with everything goin on n the terrorist its kinda scaryful
  • ahhh, id miss egypt everytime id leave after vacation...basically missed everything you guys listed: the monasteries definately, city stars, roxy, downtown, sharm, busy streets, the people, the mother effing NADY!! etc

    but now im living here for university, and i really wish i was raised here because i dont speak arabic fluently and im not used to how everything works around here, o well
  • i went to egypt summer 08.. i mostly miss my family and the environment there.. i miss it every day and i even want to live there someday.. i just hope rabena yehdeehom 3alena..
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