pray for me

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My fiance is egyption and i have to go there to meet her family and be married.Im not worried about the family they love me its just it cost so much money and im not a rich man.I know god will find a way if i trust in him but i would thank you for you prayers and advice .Im goin to convert to coptic orthodox when i get there in alexandria egypt i look foward to this and cant wait but money is so hard to come bye when i have to provide for us here in the united states when we return.She has 4 years college in translation and english but until she finds work i will be the one takin care of us so pray for me i worry but put my faith in god to make a way. thanks and god bless you all :D


  • ur in my prayers, and i understand thats not easy!

  • thanks and god bless you i need all the prayer we can get .Have a blessed day
  • matkhafsh ya 3amenah..... Rabak kebeir w'3alem bely fel 2alb wel neyah. wentah "trusting in God".... w'Rabenah 3moroh ma khazal 7ad eltaga2loh 2abl kidah. wely ye3meloh Rabina, Laho el magd, howa el sale7. mosh kidah wala eh? :) w'tab3an matensash ya akhoyah el 3azeez enek tetanged b'shafa3et Om El Noor, w' 7abeeby el qedees Abu Sefein w' El Baba Kyrollos w'kol el qedesat wel qedeseen. Rabina ye2aweek w'yekoun ma3ak, wentah fee salaaty... 7adretak w'meratak. Rabina yewafa2kom w'yebarek 7ayatkom.

    salam :)
  • thanks for the prayers but could someone translate what the above passage means .Thanks and god bless
  • he is sayin

    dont be afraid, ur Lord is great , trust in God. god will fill u..... errrrrrrrrmmmmmm.............isnt that right..... :) then he says somethin like u dont seem somethin the Mother Of Light, the nhe says may Abu Seifein and Pope KyILLOS AND ALL THE SAINTS REMEBER U.

    Ill pray for u too, :D forgive my rubbish translation lol
  • thank you so much im just starting to learn small words and its not easy .I love this sight so much and god is blessing everyone who takes the time to pray for another so from the bottom of my heart thanks and god bless you all.
  • wow no problem brother that was deep :'(
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