judas lost documents

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I would like to know if anyone else has seen the documentry on the lost scriptures of judas.It is said that maybe these prove that judas may not have betrayed jesus what do you think of this newfound documents.


  • from where did you hear about them?
  • national geograghic had a piece on it . ???
  • yeah theres a thread on it somewere. if u find it it has a lot of info on the subject
  • hey i just wanted to make a quick comment on that judas thingy.

    its 100% false. First of all, it was written in coptic. coptic came centuries after the ascension and they all talked and wrote in armanian and judas couldn't have known how to write it and he killed himself.

    second of all. they say that it is written in the book that judas and jesus planned the whole incident of judas betraying jesus. ok so if it was planned, then why did judas kill himself, it wasnt his fault was it?

    so dont believe what they say, when i heard them say it was written in coptic i knew, no way could Judas have written it.

    if you hav any questions feel free to ask. and pray for meeee !
  • I would like to remind everyone that National Geographic, The History channel, and The Discovery Channel... are all loads of crap... again i apologize for my language. They will put anything on there if it will cause a contraversy. Just like to inform you about that.
  • [quote author=~*CHIPSY*~ link=board=4;threadid=3821;start=0#msg54083 date=1146868188]
    and they all talked and wrote in armanian and judas couldn't have known how to write it

    Do you mean Aramaic? Cause I'm pretty sure the Apostles couldn't speak Armenian, unless you're talking about something else.
  • Thanks for the input i believe they are false too but not all things on these channels are false and it expands our minds.WE all know the onley ones who do know is the father and his son and ones who where actually there.WE will get to heaven one day and all will be clear untill then i have my faith .
  • Hi Everyone,

    Bishop Serapion was at Saint Athanasius Church last Friday, and he had a discussion about the so called "Gospel of Judas" and The Da Vinci Code. He told us that this Gospel is one of the many Gnostic Gospels that all are filled with heresy. He also said there were many other gnostic gospels, I think 60 and these gospels were rejected by the church. The 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, however were cannonized, for the reasons of being written in the first century, either direct conact with Christ, or knew someone who was with Christ.
    This is all I remember currently from Bishop Serapion's interesting lecture.

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