Saint Macarius the great

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I was just wondering why does St. Macarius have his hands like that, is there any significance to it, does it have to do with prayer or something? Because I read his story but I didnt find anything about it, and usually the saint pictures/icons depict things related to their stories


  • St. Macarius was blessed with great wisdom and knowledge. This man was very holy, it's said that his face would ligth in the dark and it's also said that he has some "divine/heavenly/spritual" strength. In fact a Cheroubeim used to gaurd him not a regular angel. The Cheroubeim used to walk behind him after the cheroubiem used to walk in front of him. His hands reveal him as an angel or a cheroubiem (his spritual strength t used to be thought of as a strength of a Cheroubim).
  • no i dont think it really would have any meaning..i think the pciture was just interpreted and illustrated that way...

    maybe it means he was like a man of prayer..but nope not sure about it..have u tried finding other pictures of him ..r they like that aswell...maybe its just that pic??
  • hey im not sure but my guess is that his hands are like that as in the act of blessing, as in those times disciples used to be ordained and blessed like that?
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