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Im a babtist but my fiance is coptic orthodox and im goin to convert .We believe in the same things just wondering what the differences in worship is. ???


  • WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to get more relpys...i can recommend that u put the subject in coptic orthodox... Iqabal will prbably move anyway ;D

    BUT WELCOME!! u will enjoy this site..and good luck with the marriage! ;)
  • Welcome to the church, you said that you and your fiance beleive in the same thing, this is probably true in the very basics, but im sure many people are going to tell u the difference between beleifs.

    But with regards to the worship you may notice that prayer services are usually a lot longer and things which you may think are weird are happening like incense and kissing icons and stuff. Dont be turned off, these things have deep spiritual Christian meanings, it might just take time for you to totally understand them.

    Also theologically the Baptist church will have more focussed on becomiong Christian through faith in Christ and being saved (John 3:15), while the Orthodox church will focus a lot more on the growth of the relationship of the already Christian with God, leading him to the day he gets saved (Philippians 3:12). I am being very very basic

    Also the breaking of bread is done a lot more often than every month, and while it keeps the symbolism you may have learnt from the baptist church, it also has a lot more of a practical meaning, read about why we beleive in transubstantiation.

    I hope that you have nothing but good experiences with the coptic church, and that it helps you to grow in your faith
    I hope it all works out and God bless u and your fiance
  • doit4Jesus, that was an awsome ;D

    hope all goes well
    +God Bless
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  • thanks for the heartfelt wellcome god bless you all,I have now introduced my fiance to the sight
  • Hi.
    Welcome to the Coptic Church!! Its great to see our community becoming more diverse [international]
    As for differences with the protestants/baptists; you'll find the following:

    With respect to hymns, many copts sing songs in Coptic. Its quite a beautiful language. Why don't you download some from this website. Tasbeha in fact means praise.

    I think its good to stand next to a deacon for the 1st couple of masses and just ask them what's going on in the Church during a mass: There are an awful lot of symbolism during the mass, and nearly/almost everything has significance and spiritual meaning.

    I stress on the tasbeha , or praise, as I think this will touch u the most: Just find a book with the Coptic/Arabic translation in English. I find it quite poetic actually the tasbeha. The tune is quite similar to some gospel music.

    We don't worship statues, nor saints, but we do ask for the intercession of saints. I know many protestants ask directly to God, and so can we, but i think the idea is that they are a family, and are close to the Lord, so its still a sign of humility to ask them?

    I'm very glad you're becoming Orthodox; its great to really see the orthodox church expanding.

  • how are u guys finding the site??!! ;D ;D ;D
  • I feel god led me here i was lookin for a coptic sight and found this one .But i wonder why you ask that question its a good thing right.
  • Welcome to our Coptic community! this site is great! However, if you seek more knowledge of the Coptic church and its worship, I would recommend a site like www.suscopts.org where it's more informative and there is a ton of stuff for you to learn about. I also highly recommend that you to church with your fiance and meet with the preist over there. Congratulations on your engagement and keep me in your prayers.
  • Welcome to the Site and religion hope you like it!
  • I love it and thanks this sight is really great and dont know what i would do without it now.God bless
  • Welcome,
    I am very glad you have decided to convert to the Coptic Orthadox faith otherwise you would not be able to marry him. Babtist and Coptic Orthadox are not the same at all! First of all Babtist people don't even have comunion (in every litergy or what every you babtist people call it "Mass"). Whitch just by that I don't call them Christians. But soon you will learn right from wronge and love your new relegion.
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