Just recently in church!

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In church the women don't get to see the doing of the perfume and stuff like that in the alter on like Good Friday or somehting (I forgot lol sry). So in my church ( St. George and St Shenouda Church) THey put a camera in the alter and had a screen adn projector outside showing what the priest was doing IT WAS MARVELOUS! I think you should all try this idea for the people in your church so speak up in church.


  • LOL, WE (st mark's jersey city), started that 2 years ago and we also do it on the re-anactment and the zaffa during easter.
  • In my church...we go in...there is nothing wrong with that...we don't go into the area of the alter itself...but we can still see what abouna is doing even though his back is toward us...
  • Ya little dude i got to st george and st shenouda too, lol ya it was a really good idea, we decided since we project the whole mass and stuff on it, why not during the re- enactment project what is going on in the altar during both good friday, and easter mass.
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