What do you think about protests

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we were recently going to protest in AUstralia about the incidents in ALexandria (but it was cancelled) do you think we should protest as a church?


  • Ofcourse. Why shouldnt we?

    we have the freedom of speech, whereas our brothers and sisters [copts] in egypt do not have that privelage. Well in a sence they do, but still, nothing gets done.

    Here, in countries such as Australia, Europe and America we can do something about it.

  • But the thing is how confident are you that whatever we say, the authorities of those countries are going to deal with it peacfully. Look what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and they will just keep on going with declaring war on countries that don't have human rights...which what they are going to see it like when Christians get killed because of their religion (their right in practicing that religion). I mean not all muslims are horrible and of course not the ones in Egypt either...I lived among them and I had friends among them. So it doesn't mean that we are going to protest against ending islam in Egypt. So what are we really doing? Are we just saying copts are being killed...that's has been happening since forever...Coptic is a domination of martyrs....their is no doubt in that. Just to get to the point..I am afraid these protests are going to lead to things none of us wants.
  • You have a point Marianne

    I was thinking before, like last week, when sayedna said we were gona have a protest, i'm like it can go either way.

    1. The governemnt isnt going to react because they are foreign political views and;

    2. Spark more uproar from muslim community because hence, they are depicted as violent murderers.

    Either way, it will end in more hurt, torment and confusion, unless the Lord works by his mighty hands.

    All we can do is pray
  • I think they had a protest here in NY in front of the UN on Monday April 24th at 11am or something like that... they were handing out flyers all around my church about it...some of my friends went but i don't know what happened though... protests are good.. our church has to be heard... whether the protest accomplished anything or not, all we can do is pray and pray :)
  • is this protest going to hurt anyone?

    love lots,
  • umm..sorry to say kristina but it was strictly labelled peaceful march..

    maybe that changed some of ur ideas...
  • i think that personally we can protest if we want to, its our right to stop the suffering in Alexandria
  • hey

    personally i believe that it is everyones human right to free speech which includes to protest and i beleive that we need to make our views heard. i agree with mazza. i just raised the issue as i wanted to see what people thought as someone raised the issue with me and had differing views.

  • I think it's perfectly fine, and if there was a protest I'll go in it, because I know that for sure, that you need to fight for what you believe in, and I'll die for Christ, since he died for me!

    Coptic Servent
  • Yes, you should protest, but 1st you need to pray and ask God for help, for forgiveness, and for the strength to stand up for your belief. And after that God will guide you through that road... the road to eternal life, that's if you accept it.
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