Pope's Easter Sermon

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If anyone watched the Resurrection liturgy by the Pope and heard the sermon...
Does anyone find it a bit different than his other sermons (if you have heard previous ones)...I feel as though this one only directs its points about the second coming, but not that much about the reason of resurrection or much about Christ Resurrection at all. Even at the end...he was like I apologize my brethern but I have to leave you to think of what the earth is now without being able to answer the questions about how is heaven is going to be like. It was all about what heaven is going to look like...and he just put out comments that can't be answered. I have heard comments that he might know something...like that could happen in the future (tanbo2)...or he is just too sad and overwhelmed with what's been happening to the congregation...Anyway...I don't mean to like gossip about the pope or anything, but if any have comments that would like to share...feel welcome to do so...if this topic is totaly inappropriate...admins feel free to remove it.

I love the pope....but with all what's been happening...this is scaring me.


  • I didnt hear his sermon but, after all he is a holy and gifted man, sent by God. It wouldn't suprise me if he could sense something about the second coming/end of the world.

  • can someone please post the sermpn i cant find it anywhere
  • It's not online...at least not yet...I watched it live...so unless someone knows where it is..i don't think you can listen to it.
  • I thought his sermon was short this time, but he cried during the odass, I felt so bad for him, it's bad enough that he's been through a lot since he's the Pope of Alexandria, and that's where they killed the copts, I feel so bad for him, I wish him a great and long time! Please everyone dedicate your prayers for Pope Shenouda, he really needs prayers!

    Coptic Servent
  • Im creeped out, who said anything about the end of the world ? If its the same one, they read it out loud, but in arabic(I could barely understand it ) and afterwards, my parents said it was very different, i thought he wasnt doing odassa ,this year, but staying in the monastary, I think im talking about a different speech he sent to the monastary
  • Pasted below is the Sermon:

    His Holiness's message for Easter 2006.

    My beloved children in the lands of immigration, Priests and congregation.

    I congratulate you all for the Feast of Resurrection, wishing you all on this Feast peace and edification, with all goodness and blessing. I always love to hear good news about you regarding your spiritual growth and active service in the church, and building the Kingdom of God on earth.

    Live in the joy of the Resurrection, for the Resurrection is joy in all aspects.

    We rejoice firstly in the Resurrection of Christ, for by His resurrection, He trampled upon death and became "the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep." That is, the First in the procession of those who rise from death in all generations. And just as He rose, we will also rise and be victorious over death in the Resurrection.

    We also rejoice in the Resurrection, for in it we will have spiritual heavenly bodies according to the saying of Saint Paul the Apostle in his First Epistle to the Corinthians chapter 15 verses 44 and 49. Lusts and desires will not have authority over these bodies, nor sickness or weakness. Neither materialism nor earthly gravitation will have authority over them, for if the earthly gravitation had authority over them, they will fall from heaven to earth!

    And we rejoice in the Resurrection, for we shall meet all of our relatives, our loved ones and our friends who have been separated from us and preceded us to heaven.

    We will greatly rejoice in the Resurrection even more because of the company of Angels and Saints in the coming age. Indeed it is a great delight without any doubt, that the person enjoys knowing all the prophets and apostles whose names were written in the Holy Bible and to know personally all the martyrs in all the ages, all the Saintly fathers and all the righteous shepherds, and all those who have been characterized with deep virtues that distinguished their lives from others. The person will also know the heroes of faith, and the heroes of history who lived a righteous life as well as all the desert fathers and all the examples of virtue over all the ages.

    We rejoice in the Resurrection for it is the start of entering into the eternal delight and into immortality. No one will enjoy this except those who overcome, according to the promise of the Lord to them in the Book of Revelation (Revelation Chapters 2 and 3). When we talk about this joy, we find that language falls short of expression, understanding is also limited, and experience is non existent for its hour has not yet come. The saying of the Bible about this eternal joy is sufficient “…eye has not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the hearts of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him.” (I Corinthians 2:9) No matter what crosses your mind of explanations, these cannot express sufficiently this truth. For what God has prepared for the righteous cannot ever be comprehended by the mind of a person…

    And we rejoice in the Resurrection, for in it we shall live with God Himself, according to His faithful promise "…that where I am there you may be also." (John 14:3) We shall live with Him in eternity, in the heavenly Jerusalem, about which, the Book of Revelation says that it is "… the tabernacle of God with men … God Himself will be with them…" (Revelation 21:3) What a great delight is that which Saint Paul the Apostle said, "…thus we shall always be with the Lord." (I Thessalonians 4:17)

    Then knowledge of God the Father will be deepened, as our Lord Jesus Christ said to Him "and this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God." (John 17:3) And as Paul the Apostle said about knowing Him "face to face…" (I Corinthians 13:12)

    Finally, my beloved children, I leave you in goodness and be well in the Lord, and absolved from His Holy Spirit.

    Shenouda III

    Pope of Alexandria

    Patriarch of the See of St. Mark

  • Thanks joyisgod..but that's not the one I was talking about...I was talking about his original one that he said during the liturgy, it goes along the same concept...but it's not the same.
  • His Holiness's sermon will be in the keraza, I think it is always differ from the message

    love lots,
  • It was aired live on TV..that's where I watched it...but check www.copticpope.org
    they might have it on now...and the keraza should be there too...but I don't know if it's updated or not yet.
  • Nope... my mom and I checked there and couldn't find it... If anyone else does I would greatly appreciate it.
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