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Hey all what about after finishing each thread one of us would write a conclusion to the thread with the major ideas covered?
it was just an idea!!!


  • ...that I am right in all things. JK
  • Wasim, sounds like a good idea. How would we agree on who would write it though?

    lol. Nice try. Maybe next time!! lol ;D :D

    - Chris
  • hmmm... a good point ??? ??? ???
    hey i came up with one suggestion for the day now you asking for two, do you want my brain to go on fire man :D
  • I've got an idea,

    How about this,
    Why don't we make the main debaters post a conclusion, each one from his point of view of what his "party" said.

    What do u guys think?

  • What about just taking turns because every other way i thought of right now will just make people post less to avoid summarzing so why don't we just keep this thread up and each time we finish a thread we will try to assign a person the summary job and will keep track with who did what and i think hopefully everything will work out
    WOW 2 ideas one day my brain is fried that is it i am out for the day ;D
  • Suggestion: Why don't we make up a rule that everyone that will start a thread that would possibly be debatable should make it a poll and in the poll the question would be end-debate? and if someone says yes and 4 more people vote the same then debate is ended, but if 5 people (after the one vote saying yes) say no then debate will still go on. The voting will occur in 24 hours after the first yes so the person that says yes should post a message saying, Permisson to end debate on hh:mm on dd/mm/yyyy...

    What do u guyz think??

  • too complicated for me ;D
  • lol. My brain hurts after reading that. I doubt everyone in here can follow that Mike.

    Did you guys ever consider just letting a thread continue on forever? I mean, think about it...first, its too complicated to find a way to conclude the thread....second, what if people come to the website with new ideas on a certain topic after the thread is concluded?...and third, what if there's more than 2 ways of looking at a topic ? (i.e. o.k. in certain cases, wrong, right). There's too much involved I think.

    Any ideas?
    - Chris
  • How bout just letting it go on til it dies on its own?
  • Sure whatever you guys want...or how about this, it would depend on what the starter of the thread decides, he can go with my suggestion, Wasim's or he can just let it die on it's own (go on forever)....

  • OK. That sounds like a good idea. Whoever starts the thread can choose to end it.

    Then there's always just locking a thread so no more posts can be added. I like that idea better guys.

    - Chris
  • ya i am all up for 15 & 20 page threads ;) the only reason i thought of that conclusion thing is because if a person new comes on he/she will by no means read a 17 page thread like views on dating so we want a summary and if someone has new thought we will just work from the summary and build from there
    i don't remember ever restriciting the summary of a topic to just 2 ways to look at it
  • Wasim,
    I was talking about Defender's method of ending a thread. "2 Parties". Whatever. It doesn't matter right? Whoever starts it can choose to end it. Case closed, right?

    - Chris
  • You guys decide...

    I think both you guys are smart...make up the rules. ;)

  • By the way the "flirting" thread is now deleted...

  • Well,
    How about...we keep it like tis, because we never end up with two distinct parties, every one has a slightly different openion!!! :-\, "just like this topic"
  • i don't remember that i EVER said that we have to end up with just 2 distinct parties it could be as many parties as it would be
    i am thinking of a summary becuase if i am new here i am not going to go read 17 pages on dating to know what you guys ended up with i am either gonna ignore it or start a new thread asking what is the view on dating as happened before
  • Ok this is what's supposed to happen (in my opinion), Every 5 pages we choose someone to summarize the 5 pages and the next five pages the next person to be chosen takes the summary and adds it to his summary and so on and so on....

    By the way the 2 people thing was MY idea...

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