Tommorow is Holy Thursday in Australia..

Is it a sin if I come late to church.. it starts maybe 7:45 am and ends 2:30 pm or something..

I need to go somewhere for an allergy test tommorow.. my appointment being 11:45am or something.. and I might be there for an hour.. so I may go to church 1:00 or 1:30 pm or something..

It will not make certain people happy if I cancel the appointment I think..


  • imma living in australia too...but to save u the trouble...i think it ends about 1- 1:30...

    sorry i didnt answer the question but i think that it might change ur mind in certain things.......2 MAXIMUM...

    unless amba daniel is there...that is a completely different story...
  • It is alright, I was actually going to go to school, because I had an activity, and jeopardy for a test that was on Good Friday, I felt so bad, so I thought I should stay 3 periods than leave at 10:00 on Good Friday, because I have a huge test, but instead I'm taking school off I guess, and I feel glad about it because I get to spend time with God, it's alright really if you have a good excuse, like as you said you have an allergy checkup appointment, I know God will definitely understand, just ask if they can finish quickly because you are in a hurry!

    Coptic Servent
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